Give Me Intelligence
Lack of reason

Lack Of brain Power,

Lack Of Rationality
Today's generation, the flow of important knowledge is running so dry
Why is every conversation so pointless
And good conversation so ever rare like drops of water from a dried up waterfall,

and dull and mindless and dry and the same

can't there be much more to be expanded on.
Why does half the people in this world not give a care,
Oh why?


It's like a God has smuttered and crushed everyone's brains and commands the crowd not to think.
Oh, how, can we survive this wide wide world with all these fools in it?

As they play it dumber by the day! Should we jump around pushing them around like robots or wait until they all drown themselves in nonsense.
Oh how, should reality be achieved

oh no one wants it

and no one wants achievement
and happiness


Oh happiness!