Between lonely notes from her guitar
Evening settled in with a sigh
Across those thighs lay my head
Holding such beauty so near
My ears quenched to hear
My eyes wondered why
She played so desperate a tune

Those heartbeat strings leapt inside me
With meanings my goosebumps knew well
Tears slipped out of the sky
That her lashes revealed
And the physical world turned surreal

The humid night air dealt a shriek of delight
Fiery leaves beckoned more of her song
She spoke it through clouds ever black and morose
By the force of a fire that crept up like a ghost

I rained and it shattered the heart that I grew
But the notes, they played past me
At her glass gallery
The one forged with her memory
The one she now smashed

The elm we lay under relaxed to drip dry
As she wiped every moment of fear from her eyes
I held her against me with all that I could
For she held me with music that I understood