Some days, I just don't have enough words in my mind
And it feels like a good time to play Russian roulette
So I want to scrawl the dictionary on the bullets
Round and round,
And maybe if I'm lucky, then I'll actually have something in my head,
I mean, it's a 1:5 chance
And while most people are thinking "How?",
I'm thinking "How easy"
How easy….
Every once and a while I play with probability,
It seems like a good place to take some risks,
Play some games, while I'm muffled by the darkness,
And earthquakes, like tiny tremors of the body.
And almost, almost always evens out, remember
Horseshoes and handgrenades can kill you also,
They just seem to take as long.
But maybe that's just me
Maybe I just take my chances, because I can't do it alone
I can't believe in my mortality without a gun in my mouth
I guess that happens when the only war left to fight is the one with your self
Even then I'm not betting on outcomes
I have a 100% chance of loosing anyway
I have a one to five chance to have a hole in my head
And a 100% chance I'm gonna die someday