Truth or Die?

By Mollie Caliri

Breathing is heavy, the air is tight and cold, and the darkness consumes your very being. A damp musty smell of the foul earth looms in your nose. Your hands search the dank blackness and clutch at the moist soil beneath you. You're lying on your back and have no idea whether your eyes are open or closed. All you know is that it is very, very dark and you can't see a thing through the murk. The only sound is the thumping, of your worried heart. You feel your face, it's wet and slimy and so is your neck. Your limbs tingle as if something is touching you, and something is. Spiders and other bugs crawl over you, worms wriggle beneath your body and through your toes. One of the bolder worms slime their way over your face, creeping into your mouth and coming out the other side. Many would be screaming by now, squirming with the anxiety to get out, but your frozen stiff. Why? Because something as shadowy as the inky void around you is breathing over your body. And you remember it all, it comes flooding back to you, you know what happened. You were buried alive.

Quite the grim outlook on your future, but how did you even get here? That's just a little more grotesque.

The wind whispered to the trees with ominous tones. You and your friends wandered through the ancient trees, heading to the graveyard. They have put you up to a life-changing dare, although you never knew what it would cost you in the end. You were to enter the old crypt of the Unknown. It's a place of forgotten nightmares for he who slumbers inside was killed in a most horrible way. Too gruesome for mere words on paper to describe. You were to enter this man's grave and spend half an hour in it while your friends laughed and chuckled outside the grave's cold walls.

You approached the tomb and Ricky, your friend, took out a gold ring of keys. He is quite the little thief. He slowly wiggled the rusty brass key in the tomb's lock and took it out when he heard the click. A push and a creaky slam of the door land you locked in a grave with nothing but a wish to get out. The tomb's single window was caged on the outside and in, so your friends could only barely see you, but you knew they were laughing. There they were, beyond the cobwebs, the dust, the rusty iron bars and the old glass, smiling as you shivered with fear. You study the casket in front of you, no name, no dates, nothing. You begin to shake in a natural fear of the unknown but this place is anything but natural. You sit on the dusty dirt floor, listening the squeak of hungry rats and breath of sleeping bats. You look to the window to see Ricky smiling and look away after flipping him a sour middle finger. You look back in only a minute to see how he reacted. Ricky is now a bloody mess of hanging facial features and oozing puss; his blood covering the window, his deathly smile peeking through. You hear feet running, skidding and turning every which way, it must be your dear friend Carol. She runs to the door of this tomb and all that can be heard is a thud. It sounded like a car had collided with the door. The slamming thud continues and you panic. What could have happened? Maybe the graveyard guard that Ricky stole the keys from is a psycho, and you really pissed him off. Maybe it's a joke, you look back at Rick; hell no this isn't a joke. You stumble back with fear and tumble over the casket. The lid slides down with you, just missing your head. After a shaky stand you reluctantly look in the casket to see nothing but a few specks of dirt. Your body slows down, your heart and lungs catch themselves and relax. But as you look up you see Carol in the light. Her face and front side smashed in, her limbs torn and twisted, her body pouring out blood from her splintered skin. Her nose was gone, her mouth hung off a broken jaw and tattered skin, and her eyes. Oh they were long gone… The shadow that was holding her corpse stood out in the light to reveal himself.

His body was a bony mess of a young man. He seemed to be only twenty-one, but his bloody body, rotting pale flesh and tattered old clothes suggested otherwise. His hair was a raggy mop of black hair that if had been combed may just have looked handsome. He bared yellow fangs and a snake like tongue. Dirty, long nails dug into your friends shoulder while his pale gray eyes dug into your soul. His black pupils froze you in fear. With looming height he shadowed you, like death itself. His smile tore up to his ears, it was the sinister smile only a devil could give. You knew this creature slept in this tomb, and you were in it, you were screwed.

Snarling he threw Carol at you and dragged a headless Rick (for his head still looked and smiled through the window) from the shadows and threw him at you as well. You gasped and squealed, screaming in terror and pass out. The creature crawled back into his casket and the police came in. They figured because your two friends were dead, you were too.

That's how you ended up being buried alive. And now the creature had appeared in the grave with you, that he somehow had made bigger. He lit a match and set it in his teeth like a cigar as he scanned you. The light and shadows played scenes of hell on his face as he grinned. He took the match out and stuck it in your skin as your shoulder began to burn. His slimy drool dripped onto your cold skin. You struggle, he holds you down, you pull from him but his savage jaws follow only a breath away from your neck. His fingers burrow in your skin and slowly tear at it. He licks your forehead with his snake tongue to taste the blood, it tickles. He launches at your neck and digs his fangs in, closing around your jugular vein. He sucks and guzzles down blood. He enjoyed every lustful slurp and you started to die slowly, but he wasn't satisfied. You had to suffer more. He snaked his tongue down your mouth and throat to explore your canals. He ripped through tissue and pushed up through your nose. Your nose imploded with a bloody burst and his tongue slunk back in his mouth. There you died, under his shadowy presence, of course only after he laid his thumbs on your eyes, closing your eyelids and pushing in, squeezing the jelly out of them. Then he left you to the bugs and rats, they'd clean you to the bone in due time. And nobody would ever know what you went through.

Maybe you should have picked truth…