AUTHORS NOTE: Because of some complaints about caps , i'll try to do this but makes me squint alittle too much however tiring my eyes quicker but here goes.

We find Chet in a hospital room unconscience , there in the room with him was his worried parents. A nurse had just come into the room to check Chet's vitals and ajust his IV drip. Chet's mother Florence Hart

was sitting next to his bed worried and dabbing tears from her eyes.

His father Henry Hart was standing by his wife trying unsuscessfully to confort his wife. The doctors were concerned that he might not wake up from a coma like condition that he was in.

Downstairs in the waiting room the hikers that had found Chet was giving a very unusual story to anyone that would listen to them.

The man who was talking appeared to be the father of the hikers

which seemed to be a family of five . Husband and wife and two older boys and a younger girl. The father ,"Ya, it was the damdest thing we've ever seen , he was just floating there in mid air about three feet off the ground. If it hadn't of been for the curosity of my daughter here reaching out to touch him he would have probably still been floating there in the air when the medics got there. But as soon as she touched him , he..he.. just slowly drift down to earth. His daughter with big expressive eyes just nodded in agreement with her father as to validate what he was telling those that were listening. However you could tell

by the expressions on their faces that they really found it hard to believe this story of theirs.

General Mead was at the outskirts of the small town were the hospital

that contained Chet, he was with a small contengencie of men with

very elaborate looking equipment. General Mead , was speaking to a

young looking Luietenant by the name of Graves , "Graves what do we know about this signal we're picking up so far?" Graves responded,

"Sir, the signal seems to be blanketing the entire town sir , and it may take awhile to locate the source or its precise location." General Mead,

"What do you mean Graves , explain?" Graves," well sir, its like this signal is a large dense fog that radar can track as a whole but if you put that same radar in the middle of that dense fog all you get is that the fog is all around you and you have no idea really were your at in that fog. You could be at the very middle or even at the very leading edge and all you see is the fog. This is the simplist way i can discribe our situation. If we go in there Sir , our instruments will be worthless so to speak."

General Mead , "Graves keep that signal under observation if anything,and i mean anything changes i want to know emediately is that understood?" Graves , "Yes Sir, as soon as anything occurs you'll be the first to know Sir."

Allie's grandfather , the alien , comes to Allie and informs her of something she's unaware of. "Allie," he starts, "We were just been made aware of a missing signal that we just started receiving mysteriously and has been missing from us for almost seventeen years now ." he paused as Allie curiously looked at her grandfather with questioning eyes. "Why would this be of importance grandfather , we know that i couldn't shut off all those that you were monitoring , but just those that were there at my uncles farm?" her grandfather just smiled , "Allie , the problem here is that the signal were receiving is as strong as yours before you shut yours down the first time." Allie's eyes widen significantly , "What? How is this possible grandfather , and what does this mean?" her grandfather raised his hand as to indicate to give him a second . "Allie, we actually had many experiments going on at the same time as with your family. You see their was other families that had genetic traits we wanted also. Allie, you were only half of our experiment , we new that you would need a mate that was geneticaly equal with you to make a whole otherwise the genetic line would erode back to a point that puy us back to square one so yo speak