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Opal got off of him quickly and began to attack. She scratched and punched and swore. She swore a whole lot. Riley used an arm to fend her off, defending himself, saying it was her fault.

"How the hell is it my fault!?!"

"You hugged my waist in your sleep!"


Finally, Riley had enough. He grabbed both her wrists and pinned her to the bed. Opal was shocked at the fury in his eyes. He growled, his eyes turning deeper and with a hint of red. Riley felt something overcome him faintly but ignored it. He was too ticked off at Opal to care.

"Quit that already, Opal! It wasn't my fault! It was never my fault! You stupid, overreacting—!"

His face got angrier and angrier and Opal was getting scared. What the hell is wrong with him? She asked herself. Oh my God he's going to kill me!

"--For crying out loud! You--!"


That's all it took. His eyes reverted into its normal icy gaze. Opal blinked back tears. This reminds me of…of…Recent dreams flew into her head, all of them involving little kids being brutally murdered. Cries filled her head, blood spattered, skin shredded. She shivered and felt tears pool at her eyes.

Riley took one look at the position they were in and felt disgusted with himself. He was gripping her wrists tightly and was looming over her like a rapist. Tears were visibly pooling in her eyes and sheer terror claimed the usually bored look in them. She was even quivering. He quickly let go and got off of her, sitting on the opposite side of the bed. He could already feel the effects of his contract acting on him. His blood was burning in his veins and nausea was coming upon him. The runes on his hand burned hotter than the rest and throbbed.

Damn it! He thought. My first and most important job and I'm already screwing it up! He turned to see Opal sitting up slowly, bangs covering her face, her hair messy, and her body faintly shaking still. He opened his mouth to apologize but he noticed she wasn't even looking at him.

He didn't know that she was using Ghost Sight and was seeing a red figure looming by the window. It was tall with muscular build, ruffled hair, and wearing older clothing. Though, she thought it seemed bear-like. The way his shoulders were hunched and his growl sounded were that similar to a bear. She trembled more violently and squeaked.

Riley caught on, turned around using his sight too, and saw this figure. Swiftly, he took out his knife, turned it into his sword, and stood between the man and Opal. He swung at it and missed. The man backed away and suddenly, right when the door slammed open, it disappeared. The one who slammed the door was Bookie. Bookie held a bow and arrow set and was aiming around, wildly. He stopped when he saw nothing and it turned into a string and twig, and he put it into his pocket.

"Riley, is Opal alright?!" He asked, anxiously.

Riley nodded hesitantly, trying to ignore the burning and sickness overcoming him. Abooksigun took notice of his pale complexion and glared at him. But before he could nag, Aileen came rushing into the room, crying, and hug attacked Opal.

"Opie! I was so scared! I got really really angry at Bookie for no reason and then that pink dressed girl began to scream and…and…" she hugged tighter. "I was so scared for you! And then Bookie told me to stay put and rushed to your room holding weapons! I was so scared!"

Opal patted her head and gave her a half smile.

"It's alright. We're fine. Just a…weird spirit," she said, trying to calm her down. She looked at Riley and gave a faint smile. "Right, Riley?"

Riley just barely nodded. Opal took notice to this, but Aileen interrupted her thoughts by saying, "We heard you two arguing, Opie. Are you two mad?"

"Er…a little. I'm just not a morning person, you know that." Opal ruffled her hair for reassurance.

"Aileen, why don't you go into the kitchen and make breakfast?" Abooksigun asked, pleasantly.

Aileen, oblivious to it being a hint to leave, said she would and left. Once they heard she was down the stairs, Abooksigun walked up to Riley and jerked his chin up. Riley glared with what little strength he had left at him.

"What did you do, Riley?" He asked his voice deadly. "What happened?"

Riley struggled to answer; he was as mute as that Candace girl. Opal spoke instead.

"I think he was possessed by the red spirit that materialized in my room," she said. They looked at her and she rolled her eyes. "After all, his eyes were tinted red too. A little obvious, isn't it?" Oh come on. This is like some badly written tale written by some author with WAY too much time on their hands, she thought. [Me: HEY! Meanie…]

"But what did he do? He's burning from his own blood here Opal."

Opal's eyes widened in shock and confusion. "He's what?"

Bookie rolled his eyes at her obliviousness. "Obviously, he broke his contract with you. So, what did he do?"

"Nothing!" She defended. She may dislike Riley, but she disliked Bookie even more. "Just scared me that is all."


"Just…pinned me down and yelled at me. Scared me out of my wits. But that's it!" She felt a light blush but shook it off. She hated the idea of Abooksigun being more dominant there. It was her home; it was all under her control. Not his, her's. She isn't going down without a fight.

Abooksigun glared even harder at Riley and Riley gasped for breath. He seemed to be in horrible pain. And he was.

"Well then," Bookie said, "It's obvious we're dealing with a Sin here." Opal was surprised and confused.

"A Sin?"

"One of the Seven Deadly Sins we're suppost to protect you from and destroy. Though, according to your description, we're facing one of the strongest, Wrath."

"Ah!" It clicked for Opal. He did get possessed when he seemed extremely agitated and angry. He was susceptible for it.

"Though, I can't say I'm not surprised by his possession. Black angels are closest to death, therefore closest to Hell." Abooksigun gave her a look and tightened his grip of Riley's chin. "Be thankful for your contract, or you might not be breathing."

Riley pushed Abooksigun's hand away. "I…I would never…have hurt…" He was struggling to breathe.

Opal was getting scared. Why is he like this? Why is he in pain? Why…?

"It's a punishment, Opal," Bookie said, as if reading her thoughts. "His contract states that he must never hurt you or make you feel unsafe, just like in the vows."

She blushed at the memory. "Don't say 'vows'!"

At that moment, Riley's knees buckled and he fell to the floor. He was panting heavily and sweat was dripping on his body. Opal shrieked and went to the floor next to him. His wings burst from his back, but they weren't as shiny or vibrant as before; they were dulling and some feathers were withering away. Opal felt tears forming again and turned to Bookie.

"Help him, dumbass!" She shrieked.

Bookie shrugged and said simply, "Give him your own punishment."

"Don't you think he's been 'punished' enough?!"

"Personally, no. But, that's the only way."


"Just punish him as you see fit."

Opal looked from the silver haired jerk to the suffering angel and then yelled out in annoyance. Then, she simply slapped him. Suddenly, his wings stopped fading and gained its color again rapidly. His labored breathing became normal again. There was a silence for a bit as Riley took deep breaths. That's it? Opal thought. He was in that much pain and that's all it took?! Little Aileen's voice interrupted them.

"Guys, breakfast is almost ready! I'm making pancakes, Opie!"

Opie got up at the chance to escape an awkward moment and yelled, "Careful not to burn yourself! Or drop the pancakes on the floor again!"

"I didn't do that!"

"Suuure you didn't!"

Riley got up from the floor and passed Bookie, following Opal as she walked out of the room. They walked in silence down the stairs and went into the kitchen. Opal smelled the pancakes and sighed, jogging into the kitchen. She saw that Aileen was already burning some of the pancakes while reading a manga. Opal snatched the manga, then immediately took the spatula and flipped the pancakes. Aileen groaned.

"Sis, I was getting to the best part!" She whined.

Opal read the title and looked at her sister, eyebrow raised. Then, she gave a look to her sister.

"Future Diary? No," she said, sternly.

Aileen pouted. "Hey! I like it!"

"And I will not allow you to read it." She set the manga on the counter.

"Why?" she whined.

"Yeah, why?" Riley asked, sitting at the counter.

Opal blushed at the memories of reading that series. "T-too mature. WAY too mature for a 10 year old girl."

"Aww. I can handle it!"

"No. Absolutely not."

"But you read it when you were nine!"

They argued for a while as Opal flipped the pancakes. Finally, Opal brought out plates and set up their breakfast.

"Fine!" Aileen said, pouting.

"Good!" Opal said. "Now, to hide that—"

She looked to the counter, where she had placed the book and all she saw was Riley reading it. Opal twitched, took it, and hit him upside the head with it.

"Pervert!" She screamed.

Riley grunted and hit her head back. "I am not a pervert!"

"Yes you are!" Opal argued, hitting him again.

They argued and hit each other back and forth until Bookie came downstairs. He looked over at Riley and then at Aileen, who was idly eating her pancakes while watching the two argue, looking quite amused. Bookie sat next to her. She passed him a plate of pancakes and a fork.

"Eat up," Aileen said with her mouth full.

"Thank you," Bookie said as he took a bite. They ate and watched the two until Opal let out a moan and looked at her pancakes.

"Do I have to eat them?" She groaned.

"Why not?" Riley asked.

"Because we always eat them, that's why! I'm hungry for bacon."

"Then make some!"

"It takes too long!" Opal sat back in her chair and looked at the ceiling. "Why can't I have magic powers? Life would be so much better than having to see dead people and hear all this noise."

"Yeah, why can't you have magic powers?" Riley groaned. "Then we wouldn't have to be here!"

They both groaned and looked at the ceiling. Aileen laughed, "Then I wouldn't be having so much fun!"