Last period was my favorite. We drew hidden swastikas on each other, and shared sneaky, lustful smiles. You said I was your little secret. We were like Hitler and Eva Braun.

During class we learned about Nazi propaganda, and Communism. Nazi Germany had always been a fascination to me. You too.

We fit perfectly. Privately, I would cling to you and you wore me well. I was content with being your toy. Your mistress. A controversial secret.

I tagged along like the chain that dangled at your hip. You didn't notice me, or hear me, but I looked good by your side.

But when the secret got out, you threw me away. Your new girl doesn't care much for Nazis, does she? She won't let you kiss her here or touch her there. She won't sit through Lion King with you late at night and she hates all of your favorite bands...But you know what? Thats okay.

You'll find out you're hurting yourself more than you're hurting me. You're a fucking sociopath and I'm a bit of a whore. But you know what? That's okay...

Good luck scrubbing off the swastikas. (and the scent of my perfume.)