Of Chains and Blood

Out of the twelve years of being a Hunter and two of them as a Seeker, Will had never had a defeat like this one. His violet eyes shined brightly in the night. The moonlight seeped through the dark curtains, illuminated his pale skin. In his lap, Anna's sketchbook lay open to the page of him standing atop a balcony. He was amazed at the details Anna had been able to put onto paper. The round shape of his muscles, the Marks of the Hunters, it was all there. In his mind, he could see Anna sitting on the bed next to the very one he sat on now, sketchpad in her lap and her headphones in her ears. He could see her foot tapping gently to the beats of her music. And for the first time in seventeen years, Will cried. His tearstains streaked the pencil marks on the paper.

Two gentle raps echoed through his empty room. He gasped and bolted upright, tossing the sketchbook onto the bed. "What?" The small figure of a cat pranced into the room and leapt onto the bed. Oscar looked up at Will with the brilliant emerald eyes that infuriated Will. "What do you want?"

You know what I want, Oscar whispered, his voice not hinted with the British accent like Will's was. I want Anna back. Will flashed him a dark look, clenching his fists.

"No, you want to have Storm's head on a silver platter."

You know I can't touch silver.

"You know what I mean," Will growled in his normal sarcastic tone. Oscar sighed and pawed at the sketchbook laying behind him. "Don't mess with that." Will snatched it up with such speed that made Oscar jump off the bed with an angry hiss. "Go away, stupid cat. I don't want to talk to you right now. Or anyone for that matter."

Fine, Oscar hissed, his tail lashing from side to side in irritation. But Natasha and the others wanted me to tell you that we are going against the Order's order tomorrow. Will froze, his ears pricked for more information. We leave at dusk. If you want to save the girl you screwed up saving in the first place, you're more than welcome to come. Just remember your Sythe. Oscar flicked his tail to the crystal weapon sitting on Will's desk. Don't get in our way if you aren't ready. He left.

Will looked at the door that had just slammed closed, his mind racing. The Seekers were going to go find and save Anna. They were going to correct a wrong he had made in the first place. But it was his wrong to correct.

And he was going to be the one to correct it.


That night, he dreamed of Anna.

She was standing atop a balcony, the starry night shining off her dirty blonde hair. Her creamy pale skin seemed to shine against the green emerald gown. Her amber eyes glittered as her lips pulled into a smile. "Will," she said in her American accent. She pointed to the grand piano she leaned against. "Can you play a song for me?" He couldn't help but smile and bow low and politely, moving towards the piano in the process. Anna stood behind him, her arms wrapped around his shoulders and her head atop his.

"What does my Princess wish to hear?" He asked in his formal tone accented by his British dialect. Anna chuckled behind him, kissing his ebony locks streaked with azure.

"My song."

With a skill that only he could have, his fingers struck the keys required to play the notes he composed for her. Anna hummed behind him, her body swaying gently to the rhythm of his fingers. In his mind, Will could see his home in the southern reaches of Vale. He could feel the winds dancing through his hair, tickling his arms, bringing new scents upon the breeze. Before he knew it, his song fell to the close.

"Princess Anna?" They both turned sharply to see one of her bridesmaids standing politely in the archway. "You're mother has been calling you." The urgency in her voice told Anna that she was not to object.

"Thank you, my Guardian," Anna whispered before walking back inside. Will watched her leave with a sigh.

There was a blinding flash of white…

And he saw her sprawled on the floor. Her glorious dirty blonde hair had been dyed crimson. Her silk gown was ripped to shreds, turning from a brilliant emerald to a shade of a bleeding rose. Her eyes, oh her beautiful amber eyes, were dazed and lost in death.

Will's heart lurched as his greatest fear appeared in front of him.

And he screamed into the night.


Will awoke with a jolt, his violet eyes wide. Sweat poured down his skin, making his dark hair stick to his face. "Just a nightmare," he whispered to himself in comfort. "Just a dream." He drifted off to sleep once more.


Jail Cell Island was a man-made island off the coast of southern Great Britain, but not Mortal Made. This island was the only island where creatures the Order has kept for reasons unknown to most of the Hunter World are kept. To Mortals, it was nothing more than a rough current, where no boat would cross.

Will stood tall in front of the Seekers, violet eyes focused intently on the Supernatural Island hidden by a weak glamour in front of him. To his right, Natasha stood tall in her leather dress, the sides split to reveal more black leather and high heeled boots that went high to her knees. Her knives glittered dangerously in the moonlight. Her silver hair had been braided tightly and even more of her shining weapons were threaded into her locks. The silver wings from her back illuminated in the night sky.

To Will's left, Natasha's brother stood in his transformed state. The Hunter gone Werewolf had been in that prison once before and was obviously uncomfortable returning once more, but the silver wolf stood tall, blue eyes blazing and ears perked forward for the sound of any danger heading their way prematurely.

Directly behind him, Wyatt's emerald eyes literally glowed, casting an eerie green shadow over the cliff. His copper hair waved gently on the breeze, the curls adding only a more menacing look to the fourteen year old elf. The black leather fit tightly to his lithe body. He nodded his once sharply to his leader.

This is the place she's being kept,Oscar whispered at Will's feet. The Animorphigus' eyes turned up to Will. The Mark of his kind blazed up into Will's pale face. I'm sure of it.

"How can you be so sure?" Will growled, his temper beginning to flare.

Just ponder over it, William, Oscar grumbled, flicking the tip of his tail in irritation. Will rolled his eyes and turned back to their final destination. A moment of silence passed between the warriors. With a sigh, Will turned to the group of three warriors behind him.

"None of you have to be here," he said simply, his eyes washing over the Seekers. "Anna was my responsibility and I failed her. There is no need for you to risk your life for her." There was a bitter tang to his words but he shook his head and ignored it. "As Seekers, we are already in enough trouble with the Order as it is. There is no need for you to condemn your lives for the sake of Anna."

Do you not remember what we promised her the same day you swore your allegiance to her? Jayson grumbled, his furry body rumbling as he spoke. Will shook his head. We swore our allegiance to protect her the very day you did, Will. We all want to help her. And besides, the wolf winked at him, his fangs glittering dangerously; there are a lot of perks rescuing a member of the Royal Family. Natasha and Wyatt nodded vigorously next to the wolf.

A sense of relief washed over Will. He had expected his friends to stay by his side, only because of the many years they had spent together as the formidable Seekers. But he had not expected Jayson to be the one to speak on behalf of the Seekers. Will knew the wolf's dislike for Anna. He smiled thankfully and nodded sharply once.

Are you ready, leader of the Seekers? Oscar asked at his feet. We are waiting for you.

Will turned to the island once more. In his mind, he could see Anna the way he had seen her in his dreams. The calm Princess in a flowing emerald gown that accented her amber eyes and the glorious shade of blonde that was her hair; it was all envisioned in his mind. He would be the one to bring her back. "Lucifer is mine," he hissed through clenched teeth, not looking at the warriors behind him. The Seekers let out a cry into the night. Fists punched the black sky. Jayson howled to the full moon that lit their path. Oscar reared up and transformed into a lion with a large copper mane, sending a ferocious snarl towards his brother hidden within the walls of Jail Cell Island.

With a final smile that went from ear to ear, Will turned to his comrades and spoke the words they all had been waiting to hear. His tenor voice washed over them, sending the chills they wanted down their spines. Their eagerness for battle made them edgy atop the cliff. "Move out!" Another cry went into the air.

And they all jumped into the water below.