True Friend

Every day I see you in the morning,

And I know that we are true friends.

Every night you call and we talk,

And I know that we are true friends.

But when I'm left out by myself,

You never come and comfort.

So far I have been hurt so many times,

And its only September.

I see you sitting across the room

With your new best friend next to you.

Two empty seats behind me,

But you look right inside me,

And you keep moving to hurt me, you do.

I try to stay strong, my tears can hold,

But I see you giggling and looking,

Passing notes I will never know.

I thought that we were friends forever,

But forever is a strong word to say.

You promised we'd always be together,

But promises can be broken in so many ways.

Maybe its you, maybe its me.

But whatever it is, we will see.

Whether its a fault of any kind,

Or a fault of mine,

You will always be a true friend in me.