Never written anything like this before, doing a lot of that lately lol. Not much to say, didn't have a crush or anything on any teachers so... It's not the greatest writing, I could do better but this was a quick one I jotted down this afternoon (between my tafe studies). Leave a review if you have time =D

The day grew more morose with each passing minute. A sheet of deep gray covered the sky though it was hardly visible through the pelting rain. Every student and every teacher was drained of energy. It was a miserable day and not one person was in the mood to contradict it.

Violet was in a particularly sour mood. The teacher's lounge was clearly visible from the indoor cafeteria. Kale was sitting next to the Angelina Jolie wannabe, Miss Perry, the bitchy History teacher.

Miss Perry was a shameless flirt; the woman had no boundaries. How many times had Kale told her he was seeing someone, however vague he was, and she'd still hit on him? Miss Perry laughed at something another teacher said, turning to Kale; she placed a nonchalant hand on his thigh.

Violet watched on as Kale let the hand sit there. She was so close to tackling the bitch in front of everyone. Her senior year would end in a couple weeks and she was already 18, it's not like anything too bad would happen.

So Kale was her teacher. Technically he was her student teacher; he wasn't being paid as a normal teacher. He just assisted the others and taught a few classes. Two weeks seemed like an eternity for both of them. They had been waiting for close to seven months.

That hand was still there. The bitch Perry certainly didn't mind and Kale looked as if he was rather comfortable. He wasn't helping himself any. They hadn't spoken in two days; they'd had a fight. Truthfully, Violet couldn't even remember what it was about. She knew he did something wrong, that he'd pissed her off, but she couldn't quite pinpoint what. What ever it was it must have been bad.

She noticed then that Kale was covertly trying to brush her off. He twitched his leg around and stood up abruptly, disguising it as reaching for something with a second thought.

Violet still glared daggers. Kale looked down, sitting back in his seat, his head dropped and earnestly turned the slightest bit up and in her direction.

She stared into his dark orbs before looking away; feigning disinterest.

A nudge into her side woke her from her daze.

"What's got you so down?" Brandon, her best friend asked.

She fought the urge to throw up from the smell of his tuna sandwich.


Later that day Violet had her, now, least favourite class, media.

The class filed inside, shaking from the icy winds outside.

Violet made it a point to avoid any eye contact with the resident teacher of the class.

Kale sighed inwardly. Violet was really upset. She might put up a cold front but inside she just as sensitive as anyone else. He announced the movie they would watch in class, for they had completed all assignments and exams, and set about the room to switch off the lights. With the already darkened sky making the day dim it made the classroom almost a pitch black, save the light from the television.

Violet had taken a seat alone in the back. Kale made his way to the back of the classroom as well. They sat with one table between them, though Kale shifted closer so he was able to hold her hand.

She didn't respond to him but merely lifted her hand away and placed it on her lap. Violet stared ahead at the movie.

Irritated by her lack of reaction he reached for her hand again. In doing so his hand grazed her groin.

Violet felt the rush of heat surge through her. It had been a while since she'd let Kale touch her; she ached for him more than she would admit.

Kale noticed how Violet stiffened at his touch. His let go of his hold on her hand, and settled it firmly on her crotch.

Violet let out a shaky breath as Kale started to massage her. Her pulse started to race and she tried hard not to moan. Beads of sweat accumulated on her forehead. She reached a hand down to stop Kale before she went any further.

They both had lust in their eyes. Without protest, Violet held Kales hand. Minutes before the final bell sung and school led out, Kale rose from his chair. He was quiet, not that anyone would hear, what from the loud television attempting to block the noise from the rain, as he stood over Violet and kissed her. Her lips barely parted before he pulled away.

Just as Kale ended the movie and switched the lights on the bell rung. Students filed out fast though it was still too long. He smiled tightly to the few students he farewelled him with a 'see ya Mr. Jenkins'.

Once they were alone, Kale shut the door with a slam. He locked it hastily.

Violet was waiting by his desk; her arms wrapped around herself self-consciously. Kale rested his forehead against hers, stroking her arms with his hands. She shuddered as he placed light kisses down her neck.

The feel of his hands, his lips, were driving her mad. Violet pulled his face to hers in a fiery kiss. Her hands shot up under his shirt, greedily taking in his form. She gasped when Kale pushed her into the closest wall.

Violets' hands trailed to Kales shoulders; she encircled her arms around his neck. This made it easy for him to slip the white shirt over her head, revealing her sweet lavender bra.

He kissed her jaw, down her neck and her chest. His hands manoeuvred the clip on her bra, which successfully fell to the floor.

Violet wasted no time undoing his shirt and pants. Both were panting heavily, still trapped in each other's embrace.

Kale pushed Violet harshly against the wall and squeezed her backside. He lifted her and she locked her legs around his waist. There was no more fore play to be had. They stared lovingly into one another's eyes as Violet lowered herself onto Kale.

They moaned together as they started slowly. Kale nipped and sucked on her neck and they moved in synch. Her hands roamed his buttocks, back and neck before entwining themselves in his hair.

Kale turned around, so his back was now against the wall. This gave Violet free reign as she writhed against him at her own speed. Her head fell back in ecstasy; Kale took the moment to capture her breast in his mouth.

Neither was concerned about their noise for the heavy rain drowned them out.

Violet pulled her head back up. Her lips teased Kales. She lightly took his bottom lip between her teeth before sinking them in harder, emitting a hiss from Kale. He kissed her aggressively, exploring her mouth with his tongue.

They couldn't wait any longer. Kale walked, with Violet still grinding against him, to the only desk void of a computer. Violets rear hit the top of the desk. Kale slid her up further and climbed over her.

Intertwined as one, how they belonged. Together they moved, felt and soared.