First Verse

Am I invisible to you?

Cus' you don't seem to notice anything I do.

Do you know how that makes me feel…

Oh I start to feel like I'm not real.

Do you see me? Do you hear me?

Calling out your name while they sky is pouring rain.


Am I dead or am I alive?

Oh I don't seem to have anything left inside.

Is my heart still beating?

Cus' I don't have anymore feelings.

Somebody save me from this horrible reality,

And take me to a perfect fantasy.

Second Verse

What is this chaos that has a grip on me?

It steals my heart, steals my soul, making it hard to breathe.

Is anyone out there to hear my call?

To catch me, save me, before I fall.

Do you feel me? Can you touch me?

Please make me real and open my eye!

{back to chorus}

Third Verse

But now I don't need you.

I only need myself.

To get me through this strife,

And to live out my life.

Do you hear me speaking?

With my own voice above all the noise.

Do you hear me screaming?

With all I have, with all of my might!

Second Chorus

I'm now alive and I'm not free.

To live my life anyway I please!

I have my own wings so that I can fly.

And I'm taking that chance and flying to the sky.

No more saving me. No more fantasy.

I've finally found a perfect reality.

*End Song*