Seventeen years ago, the queen of Anrea gave birth to twins. She and her husband were overjoyed by the pregnancy, and had hoped for a boy. However, they were instead given two little girls.

Though she was in poor health due to a lengthy labor, the queen named her two daughters Rain and Sunny. Her husband seemed to think the names part of a fever-induced delusion, but his wife insisted, and he agreed. The queen died later that night.

The king kept the names, hoping to keep his wife's memory through them.

After three years of grieving, he met a woman whom he soon married. She was beautiful but extremely manipulative and cruel. She didn't match the king's happy, carefree personality. She soon began using her new husband to assert control over others, a control the king would never have previously assumed.

Two years later, Rain, the younger of the two twins, died abruptly. She had never been known to have health issues before. In fact, she could often be seen with her father on trips to the smaller villages, laughing and enjoying the culture difference in these poorer but substantially happy people.

There were some mutterings about a conspiracy, however. The girl died at a very tender age. Five was the age that children developed a new ability. This ability varied between children. Some developed extreme intelligence, others could read minds, and still others could manipulate the movement of objects to their will. And a very, very small percentage of children were born with the ability to take the abilities of other people and use them.

Since the king's great great-grandfather's reign, all children who had this ability were killed. It was the only cruel, unjust law the current king did not abolish during his rule. He believed no one should be able to have that kind of power. He believed that no one could be trusted with it.

A few people living in the kingdom believed that the child may have developed this trait, and the king had disposed of her, or was hiding her. These whisperings quickly died down however, and the little girl was soon forgotten.

Seven years passed, and there was relative peace in the kingdom. The king's dead daughter was all but forgotten. Then, a new girl arrived in the palace. She was the king's niece. His sister, living in a far-off land, had contracted a serious, contagious disease that she spread to her husband, and they both died. The king had assumed responsibility of the child. However, rumors were spread that she was a bit of a troublemaker, and was therefore kept in the palace as much as possible.

Her name was Rain.