It's finally official. I've lost it. It was bound to happen sooner or later. You see, i have spent my whole life waiting for this. I'm pretty sure my brother would agree.

It all goes back to when i was born.

June 5th, 1993.

My mother was going into labor, and instead of my father taking her to the hospital, they decided to give birth to me in our living room.

I'm not the only one who thinks that's crazy, right? I mean when i have a person that's trying to get out of me, I'm am going to be so high on drugs, i wont even be able to think straight.

I mean i will still be able to push and stuff, but the less pain the better. Oh, did i forget to mention the part were my mom laid on the floor, on top of newspaper?!?

No I'm not kidding! I couldn't believe it! Who does that? Then every time since i was five, whenever it was a full moon, my parents would take me out of school, and lock me in my room.

I'm not the only one who thinks that weird right? Then on my tenth birthday, my temperature got up to two hundred! I thought my parents would rush me to the hospital, i mean any normal parent would.

But no, they took me somewhere were there was a lot of wind blowing. Not to mention, my mom only cooks meat for us. I thought all parents were supposed to get there kids to eat as much, vegetables as they could.

I mean i don't mind, but its a little freaky, then when i was fourteen, and i went on my first date, something happened.

He tried to kiss me, and my throat was burning a lot, so i tried to eat him. I just launched myself on him, and went to chewing.

Thank goodness, my dad got me off of him in time. Or else I'm not sure what would have happened. Danny Weaver (my date), only got a few scratches and bruises. But he was never the same again.

My parents told everyone, it was a dog that attacked him. But only my parents, Danny, and me know what really happened.

Danny was to scared to tell anyone what really took place, afraid i might finish him off. I had always knew something was wrong with me, but that night i knew for certain something was up.

I didn't date again, because i was afraid of myself. Afraid of what i might do. I asked my parents what happened, but they never gave me a straight answer.

Now two years later, there saying I'm a werewolf. A werewolf! A animal with four legs, sharp teeth, that howls at the moon, and that apparently loves meat!

Meat, what humans are made of! Someone please, help me understand! Because, all i understand is 'crazy'.

I looked at them, trying to comprehend what they were saying. My older brother (who is eighteen), was in the chair watching t.v. Like everything was normal.

"Clarissa." My mom said my name, because i was spacing out. "Your know what your saying is totally insane." I commented. I heard my brother snort. "That's exactly what your brother said when we told him."

I'm sixteen. They should be having the sex talk with me, not 'your a werewolf' talk! "You see, your father and i come from a very strong, and powerful blood line. We were mates, and i was very stubborn about it. I mean he was rude, obnoxious, crazy, and in my eyes delusional."

My father smiled at my mother, and kiss her temple. Okay, gross. My dad was looking at my mom with his dark brown eyes, full of love and memories. His light brown hair
was cut short, and his smile was bright and full of warmth.

My mom was staring at him, as if she was in a deep trance. Her bright blue eyes, poured into his. Her shoulder length blonde hair, was up in a pony tail. Her smile showed off
her stunning smile.

I coughed, bringing there attention back to me. "Then the more we spent time together, the more i needed him. The more i loved him. Then i got pregnant with James, and we
had a big decision to make."

My breathing was fairly even, but my mind was spreading thoughts like wild fire.

She continued. "We could raise him in the very strict, complicated enviorment we grew up in, or raise him in a normal family. Once we decided, a lot of people got mad.
They thought we wanted to be normal, but we just wanted to make things easier on you kids."

I stared at her. "You thought it would make things easier? If you did any thing, you made things harder!" My temper, just popped up out of no where. My temper has been
getting the best of me lately.

"I've spent my whole life, wondering what is wrong with me! Always wondering...and not once did i get a straight answer! Now your telling me that I'm a werewolf! They
don't exist!!"

"Honey, calm down. I know it all over-whelming, but just give it a while to sink in." I got up from the couch. "I need some air, I'll be back soon." It was already dark out, but i
was never one to be afraid of the dark.

Plus it tends to get chilly at night, and I'm burning up. "No, its not safe. Your body is already getting ready for the change, and your mate will be looking for you." I sighed.

"I'll be fine. I'm just walking down the block. And if any strange person comes up to me, saying I'm there mate, i will be sure to be nice when i punch them." I left out the house, ignoring my moms warnings.

I heard my dad tell her to let me go. The night air was warm, and a light breeze was flowing through the street. No one was outside, but a lot of houses had there lights on.

I could hear TVs playing, bath water running, and in one house the sound of feet dancing softly to the jazz music on there radio. I shook my head. There is no way i could have heard all that.

All of a sudden i got the strange, yet intense feeling someone was watching me. I saw no one. But, that doesn't mean that no ones there. A small voice in the back of my head said.

The wind blew a little harder this time, a smell that appeared from no where, was now so strong i thought i was going to suffocate. The smell was intoxicating. I had never
smelled anything like it before.

I licked my lips. A small growl, brought me back to reality. "Who's there?" I asked out loud, my voice calm, but alarmed. The sound of a twig breaking, made my look at a bush
only five feet away from me.

I could feel my heart beating against my rib cage. Thought i kept my face blank, i was starting to get nervous. I looked closer into the bush, and for one quick glance, i thought i saw a pair of eyes.

I ran. I wasn't sure if what i saw was really there, or if my eyes just playing tricks on me. But i didn't care. As i was running i tried to look behind me, and i saw a dark figure
standing there.

Just then i fell, scraping my arms, and the side of my face. My muscles decided it was the perfect time to lock. I froze. "Damn." Just my luck. I decided to lay there my face on the black pavement, my heart didn't slow, and i closed my eyes.

I could feel the person or whatever it was, still staring at me. Please go away. I thought to myself, and as soon as i did the feeling of being watched went away. I bit my lip,
and opened my eyes.

My breathing slowed, but i was still cautious. I looked over my shoulder slowly, and no one was there. "Are you okay?" A soft elderly voice asked. I jumped and shrieked.

A old woman was standing on the sidewalk. Where did she come from? How come i didn't hear her? Did she see the man too? "Uh, yea. I was just taking a night run, and i fell."

"You need to be careful. It's not safe, being out by yourself at night." You have no idea- i thought to myself. I pushed myself up off the ground, and gave her a smile.

I didn't look at her much, because i was afraid my face might show how scared i just was. "I better be getting home. Have a nice night." I said still looking down, as i walked past her.

A thought crossed my mind, i turned back. "Hey...." She wasn't there. She had disappeared. The more i stood there, the more thinking i did about what happened, and what my
parent's told me.

"No. No. No. There are no such things as werewolf's, and i just freaked myself out earlier. There was nothing there in the bushes watching me." I tried to convince myself, but
my voice was betraying me.

I went back home, and no matter how much i kept telling myself none of it was real. The more i believed it.

That night i dreamed of a boy. He was taller than me, and had a mysterious bad-boy vibe coming off him. He had tossled, jet black hair, dark gray misty eyes sent chills down my eyes.

They were beautiful, but dark and dangerous. He was muscular, he had tan and flawless skin, bleach white teeth, a breathe taking smile, and he had perfect lips. There were
pink, and not to thin, but not to big.

He was wearing a long sleeve black t-shirt, dark blue jeans (with wholes in the knees), and black boots. He was leaning against a brick building, water flowing in a stream a
couple yards away from him. The sun was bright, and was warming me.

The place was un-familiar, and very beautiful. Flowers were everywhere, there was a bench, and a swing. I smiled looking at everything. "What is this place?" I asked him.

"My place." His voice was smooth like velvet. "It's beautiful." I said looking at him. Not as beautiful as you. I heard his voice, but his lips did not move. Still, i blushed.

"Thank you. Whats your name?" I asked curious. "Zander." Zander. What a strange and unusual name. "My name's..." He cut me off. "Clarissa. I know, a name of an angel.
With a body of a temptress."

I looked down at myself. I was wearing a black dress, that stopped at the end of my thigh. I had on six inch black heels, and my arburn hair was pulled back into a pony tail,
and came out into curls.

I felt naked. Exposed. I tugged at the bottom of my dress. "Don' won't have it on long anyway." Confused, i looked up and gasped. He was standing right in front of me.

He went to kiss me, but i pushed him back. Well not push, because kind of slapped him on his hard chest. What was he made of steel? Something wrong? His lips didn't move, just like earlier.

I backed up. "Clarissa. Don't even think about it." He must have known i was going to make a run for it. He walked forward, every time i took a step back. "I don't want to hurt you. Even though your my mate, i will."

I froze. Did he just say mate? He stepped forward and kissed me. Warmth, electricity, and just pure pleasure came with the kiss. It was.....more than words could describe.

Was this how every kiss was? My fingers played with his hair, as his hands slid down to my lower back. I need more. His voice came into my mind again. I then understood
what he wanted from me.

As hard as it was i pulled away from the kiss, all the pleasure and warmth went away. He became furious. "Stay away." I warned him. He just smirked and if to say, nice try.

I watched as an evil smile appeared on his face. I watch as he, turned into a wolf. My breathe hitched in my throat, and i tried to scream, but nothing would come out my throat.

He had dark red hair, and his lips were pulled back exposing his sharp teeth, as he growled. Clarissa, don't make me do this. I kicked the wolf right in the face earning a yelp.

I ran. You can run, but not hide. This is my place. Remember? I tried to make my legs go faster. Go to hell, asshole. I hope he heard me. A huge weight fell onto my back,
making my knees buckle.

I felt him dig his sharp claws into me, making me scream. Dark clouds hovered over us, and the flower were dying, the water in the stream was going faster. The wind blew

Tears were starting to come. He's going to kill me. Those were the words, that seemed to stop everything. My eyes opened, for i had shut them moments ago. I was staring
at my bedroom ceiling.

I sat up, thankful for waking up. "I'm safe." I breathed. "Not really." I looked at the edge of my bed and screamed.

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