The morning after like in movies, were it's so romantic and cute. Where the couple looks into each other's eyes and there just glowing? Yeah well this is nothing like that. In fact I woke up to an empty bed.

I would have thought it was just a dream if the pillows weren't just a pile of feathers and my dress wasn't completly torn in shreds. I was kind of upset, but really I was just so happy. Everything was going great.

I have new friends, an amazing boyfriend who I love, (yeah I said it again! ahhh!:) I got to see my parents, I'm learning more about who I am, and I'm not so cautious all the time. Letting my gaurd down feels wonderful.

I admitt I'm still a little scared, but as long as I've got my family to help me out I'll be fine. I took a long hot shower and decided to wear a skirt. I know right. Me? Wearing a skirt?

But I felt flirty and adventerous today, even though it was still cold outside it was warm inside. Besides us werewolves have very high tempatures, if you know what I mean.

So I put on my pink plaid skirt, my black and pink stared tank top, and my black flats. My hair was straight on my shoulders flaunting and swinging around. I had no make-up on, but I still looked good.

Natrual beauty. I like it. Jessica came in and saw the smile on my face. I guess I was still buzzing from last night. She lit up like a pumpkin on halloween. Then she saw my outfit.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Shut up! No way!" She jumped up and down. I laughed at her. "To answer that oh so exciting sentence. Yes. We did make love." Her eyes grew wide as she shrieked high and loud.

"It's about time! Thank God I didn't walk in last night! That would have been something, whew way to aviod a disaster Jessica. Anyway I was coming last night after I said goodbye to your parents and everyone, but then Haley comes running up. She's like sleep over! Sleep over! Grabs me before I can answer and take off with me, like a bat of hell. It was crazy. But wow your glowing!" She beamed.

I tried to proccess what she said, but just laughed again and shook my head. "Jessica. Never change." She smiled and gave me a big hug. We sat on the bed and talked about last night.

We talked forever and I also found out that her parents couldn't make it last night, so there coming today. She told me Zander was training (again) and that she's getting a nose ring.

The last part was totally random, but I congradulated her.

"Oh um, I almost forgot. Your parents left to town and said they love you and will be back soon. And Ester wants to talk to you. Don't know why."

After having that very crazy conversation with Jessica, I went to Ester's office. I felt like I was walking on air, with a huge smile on my face.

I knew Zander wasn't inside the school, I couldn't help but smell his scent. Sweet and wild. It made me shiver all over. The image of him in a tuxedo came in mind, the rain falling down on him.

The water slowly running down his tan skin. Like it was trying to drink him up, absorb him like a plant. I had to compose myself as I had half a mind to track him down and jump on him.

I shrieked inside. As I arrived at Esther's office and went inside, I noticed something was off. Her office. . . everything [meaning books] were turned upside down. Pens and pencils laid on the floor.

"Um. . is everything okay?" I asked concerned. She sighed turning in her chair. Her hair was pulled back, frowns around her lips settled in, and her eye-brows arched in fustration.

"Besides my health yes child." She laughed without humor. "I've been up a long time trying to find some similiar symptoms to what you experinced. I read Anne's journal a million time over and for heavens sake I searched the internet. Technology is so complicated." She continued.

I had completly forgotten about all my pain. Seeing as how I haven't expeirenced any pain. Only. .pleasure. I blushed and shunned myself for thinking that in-front of her.

"Did you uh, find anything?. . *clears throat* I feel normal now. Well as close to normal as I can be." I'm sure she could tell something was off about me.

But she didn't say anything about it. "I think so. But it's a good thing you haven't had any more pain. Im not sure what is happening with you, but I don't want to make any hasty decisions. Because it could be bad to make an asumption on a hunch. But I'm still looking and I wanted to let you know if you get to feeling bad again, take three deep breathe's. Relax. Clear your mind and after a minute if it's nothing serious it shouldn't last long."

I nodded. "Thanks. . .and I have one other question. Is it normal for a coven to be training so much? Night and day, even during school functions and class?"

She pursed her lips and looked at me. As if she was debating what to say. And if she should say something at all.

"Yes a coven's training is very serious and important. If it's Zander you want to spend more time with, then I'm sure I can get him the night off. He has been working very hard. In fact a night off might do them all some good. Tommrow is going to be a hetic day after all."

Tommrow was Sunday. Who ever heard of a hetic Sunday? No school, no functions, it's a lot like a free day. Still I decided to not push the matter.

I wasn't wanting to be noisy. "So they don't have to train tonight?" She shook her head. I smiled and hugged her. A little taken back she smiled.

I thanked her and left. Today just kept getting better. Walking in the hall I stopped and looked at the wall to my left. There was a clear case full of pictures and trophy's.

I saw my mom, standing around a bunch of women. They were dressed in red capes with hoodies, that swayed to there feet.

I looked closer and saw the coven's logo. It was the same coven that wanted me to join them. My mom was so young, we looked similar.

Kind of like sisters, I smiled. I love you mom. I kept walking and wondering around. Going no place in particular. Things were good. No. Things were great. I couldn't rember the last time things were this good.

But even then I figured the greatness I remembered was a lie. With James mate dying, the secret of my true self, the constant protection and anxiety. I pushed past that. That was the past.

This. . .was a new beginging . Nothing could ruin this day. All the kinks in my life were going smooth, the lies had stopped, my walls had came tumbling down, I was happy. Exited. A little blushy from last night.

I took a deep breathe. This was absoultley. . bliss. So normal. So freaking awesome! I smiled at the thought of normal. Imagine that concept. As I walked a familar smell swifted in the thick air.

I slowed my steps, hearing louder ones right around the corner. My heart jumped and ran a hand through my hair. I shreiked inside, going all happy crazy, mode.

"Listen man. Im a douche, I think we all know it.-" Jason was interrupted by a few laughs and "You got that right" and a "A major douche". I could hear a low growl of irratation.

"But. . .I'm blunt. I don't beat around the bush, and even I know what your doing is wrong. So you need to tell her. Or pay the consequences." He finished. I walked around the corner, nearly running into them.

They immediatly went quiet. Zander, Jason, Chase, and a couple other guys. I smiled at Chase. "Well don't you look good this morning." I told him. He grinned like a kid on christmas.

"Not as lovely as you. It's like your glowing. . .very angelic." I blushed furiously. I would have hugged him, but the guys were already giving him looks.

"Um, what are you guys talking about?" I asked kind of avoiding Zanders gaze. I was afraid my face would turn into a red tomato. They all at the same time said, "Football."

They laughed and looked at each other, like it was an inside joke. Even though I knew that's not what they were talking about, I figured it was a coven thing. Or a guy having problems with a girl.

Hmmm. . . .wonder who it is? "So what are you so happy about anyway?" Jason asked and I swallowed. What do I say? Oh crap! Think Clarissa!

"I. . talked to Esther. And I got you guys off from training tonight. So I was thinking, uh. . . . since we didn't get to party last night we could hit the town?" A few kinks in my plan to come off as smooth as they had, but hey I wasn't that bad.

"You got us off from training! Are you serious! Of course were gonna party now!" Said a guy I do not know in the back. He had black hair with purple streaks and had a scrawny body.

I smiled big and nodded. "Why I have to praise you for your skills, did you think of how were gonna sneak past the late night patrol? Or were we are going if we get out?" Jason asked using his smirk.

I rolled my eyes. I was not going to let him make my day a bummer. So I quickly said, "Don't worry. I have a plan. Just make sure your ready by six and meet me in the library. Now if you excuse me gentlemen, I have some buisness to attend too. Oh and try to keep this going out thing underwraps, the less who knows the funner it will be." Oh yes!

Im awesome! I turned smiling in my own victory. Today was just freakin epic! While I was walking away a hand touched mine and pulled me to them. I looked up and found I was staring
into Zanders eyes.

We smiled and put our foreheads together. "Im sorry about this morning, I would have told you but I didnt want to wake you." I looked down to his perfect soft lips.

"It's okay. Just as long as you plan on making it up to me." He smiled bigger (if that was even possible). "Oh I plan to do alot. So tonight you actually have something planned?"

I pretended to be hurt by his doubt. "Yes. I plan to spend some much needed time with my boyfriend. Because he spends way to much time training then he does with his girlfriend."

He frowned. I put my arms around his neck. "But I know that he is a very busy guy and I know that he will have fun tonight. No training. No parents. Just us." Someone cleared there throat and I remembered the coven was still standing there.

"And our closest friends." I added. He went to kiss me and it took everything I had to lean away. Confused and shocked he raised his eyebrows. I smirked and kissed him on the cheek.

"I said it was okay. I didn't say I was happy about it, you have some work to do." I waved bye to the guys and left. Zanders scent taking over my senses and I pushed myself to keep walking.

Breathe. Just breathe. As I was walking I bumped into Jessica. Perfect. "I need your help." I said smiling.

"When The World Falls I'm Here, When Your Lost, I will find you.
If You Ever Feel Like Your Not Good Enough, You Are. Even
Though I Don't Show It, I Do. I Love You More Than Anything
& If Anyone EVER Trys To Take Our Love Away Or Hurts You
Then I Will Fight. Our Love Is More Than Meets The Eye, Love Is A
Never-Ending, Bittersweet, Paradise. "

-Quote By: Me

Later That Day: 6:00 p.m

Location: Libary

"This has to be one of the best ideas you've ever had! I'm so excited! And your rocking that dress!" Jessica beamed with excitement. I looked down at myself. I had on a black and pink tight dress that stopped just below my thigh.

I had on black heels, my hair was in curls, my make light and cordnated with my dress, and I had a few braclets on. I had to admitt I didn't look bad and it took me a lot to wear it. Jessica nearly had to tie me down and out it on me herself.

I wasn't used to wearing things like this. I felt kind of misplaced. Jessica was also wearing a red tight shoulder less dress that was as long as mine. She had red heels on, her hair flat, her make up a little heavier than mine (just a little), and she brought her red purse.

That held hairbows, our cell phones (in-case something goes wrong), extra make-up, and a silver blade. I mean you never know whats going to happen, but having it made us both jittery. Not in a good way.

The blade was a pre-caution and it was small. Anyway my parents had dropped by and they are having this thing with the teachers or whatever. I invited James, but he declined. Oh well, he can be a grouch if he wants to.

"Thanks. You are to. . . .were are they?" Zander where are you? - I asked him in my mind. No answer. "I swear if he comes up saying he has training, Im kicking his butt. This is crazy, I mean don't you find it crazy they train everyday for school? I mean I know there preparing them from hunters, but do they have to twenty- four seven?" I asked.

Jessica shrugged looking around the room. That's strange for her not to say anything or have an opion. It was almost like she was trying to avoid looking at me. I narrowed my eyes.

"Jessica what-" I was interrupted by howls. We both looked to see Zander and his friends come in. Along with some of Jessica's friend. A small group.

"Looking good Jessica, Clarissia." Chase told us. They guys were basically wearing the same things. Dark jeans and a dark tee. Zanders hair was tossled and spiky.

He's so hot. Why didn't you answer me earlier?- I thought. Because I'm an Idiot. And I was taking care of something, but wow. You look amazing.- I blushed slightly.

"I know." I said out-loud. I gathered everyone around.

"Okay, I have the night check-ups worked out. James is going to distract everyone as long as possible. Jessica and I also put up some. . .surprises. We won't go into detail, but as long as were back by ten. Were good. Everyone good with that?"

And with that we snuck out. They hadn't locked the doors yet, so it was a peice of cake. Getting back in would be the hard part. We took my car and Jasons black SUV.

They followed me to a night club called 'Fire Pit', which I knew of because of Jessica. It was also for teens, so ID's weren't a problem. Just no acholic drinks, which was alright by me.

Once inside music echoed in our ears. People were dancing everywhere, making out, hanging in the corner trying to yell over the loud music. There was a bar back to the left, tables line up against the wall,
and the lights were down.

Green and red lights flashed around everywhere. "I have to give you props. This is pretty cool." Jason yelled in my ear and walked off with his friends. I smiled. "Couldn't have done it alone." I looked at Jessica.

"Want to dance?" She asked. I laughed and looked at Zander. He nodded smiling. "I'll be here waiting." That made my heart bang against my rib cage. "Sure." I took her hand and we went out into the crowded dance floor.

She moved our bodys to the beat of the music. We were on each other, like the girls in the movie. But we were beside each other, having fun like normal best friends. I smiled. We were doing what normal teenagers do.

Sneaking out to the club. I looked over to see Zander still standing there watching. I love you- I thought. I love you more- I scoffed. This was so gushy mushy. But still happy I waved him over. He stood there.

'I don't dance" - He mouthed. You will. I went over to him and grabbed his arm pulling him back with me. Jessica and I danced around him, while he just stood there looking around. "Come on. It's not that hard, just move your body." I put my hands on his waist and tried to move them.

They were stiff. He was being so stubborn. I know he can move his waist. I blushed and looked down. "I don't dance." He said again. I laughed. "Excuse me. Im Darren. Would you like to dance with me?" I turned my head a little and saw this boy my height looking at me.

He was cute. Nothing compared to Zander though. A light bulb went off in my head. "You sure your not going to dance?" I asked Zander. He shook his head and watched me carefully.

"Sure. I would love to dance." I replied. He took my hand and lead me five feet away. We went to dancing. He put his arms on my hips and we moved together. He wasn't that bad a dancer. Pretty good actually.

What are you doing, Clarissia?- Zander asked in a harsh tone. I stole a glance and he was glaring at Darren. Jessica looked at us and walked away, like she knew something was about to happen.

I'm dancing- I told him. I wasn't trying to make him jealous, I was just trying to get him to dance with me. But I curious to know if he would get jealous. Just a little.

Things went a little to far when Darren grabbed my butt. Zander came over and pulled me back from him. Leaving a hand print on my arm.

"Don't you ever touch her again, got it!" It wasnt a question. Zander was filled with rage, his face boiling with anger. Everyone looked. "Zander calm down, it was nothing." I said.

"Yeah dude. It was nothing and I think it's you who should't touch her. You nearly ripped her arm off!" Oh crap. Darren pushed the wrong button. Zander punched him right in the eye.

Goodbye awesome day. "Zander!" I yelled. People piled around and tried to pull them off each other. Somehow in all the commotion, I was being pushed back. I was right at the door and I left out.

I knew they would be out in a minute. Or they would kick him out. I can't belive this. I wished I could take the last five minutes back. I didn't know that was going to happen.

Standing in the cool night air I felt a pressure on my back. The pain was coming back. It came fast. Pain radiated from my back to my feet. All over I hurt. I hit the ground in pain.

I groaned. Do what Esther said. Breathe. I tried but everytime I did it made it worse. My skull felt like it was going to crack and my whole body just ached. The door opened and Jessica came out.

She looked and me and her face went into horror. "Clarissia! Zander, guys Clarissia's hurt!" She yelled in the booming club and came running to me. I tried to play it off and put on a brave face, but the pain wouldn't go away.

She fell on her knees beside me. "Are you okay? What happend?" I couldnt answer her. Jason emerged from the door and raced to us. He asked the same questions as Jessica. I rolled on my back and grimaced.

The pain eased off and then it was gone. Jsut as quickly as it had came. Zander and the rest of the guys came bolting out. "Oh my God! What happened?" Zander asked. Jessica went to open her mouth and I hurried and said, "I fell. I was walking and these heels tripped me. Um, Jessica came out and saw me fall thought I hit my head. But im fine."

Jason and Jessica shared a look. "Yeaah. Um, I kind of freaked out. You know how I can be." Jessica said giving me a worried look.

"Are you okay?" Zander's voice was stressed. I nodded. "Im kind of tired. Can you take me back? Everyone else can stay, im just sleepy." He waited a minute and nodded.

Even though I said everyone could stay, they all came back. They had enough drama for one night. I knew I had a lot of explaining to do. With Jessica, Jason, and Zander about Darren.

But it could wait for tommrow. When we got in, I told Jessica I would tell her everything in the morning. I went to the bathroom to change and saw my sweaty face. I was still hot and it hurt some when I moved.

As I pulled my dress off, something caught my eye. In the mirror a small silver looking thing shined. I turned and in the mirror I saw something sticking out my back. I took it out and looked at it.

I gasped in confusion and horror. It was a silver bullet.

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