Lightning Strikes

By: Cassandra L Freiborg

Lighting strikes the ground near his feet,
He lets himself walk strong and free.
Your eyes would meet, but he would not smile,
you must walk alongside him for awhile.
He trusts his fate in nature's hands,
but dont draw near to where he stands.
He's feral, wild, and compromised,
It is only himself whom he despised.
If you get too close, he'll back away,
In the past is where his heart stays.
Locked in regrets, he'd rather be,
tempting fate, in his misery.
Lightning flickers like his internal fire,
You know now that he's getting tired.
A wall will only stand so long,
a man can only be so strong.
You wait with arms outstretched in the rain,
Hoping this journey was not in vain.