Chapter 23

Thrusting upon the Beach Ball

[Back to Elezza's Point of View]


Yeap. Flabbergasted. That's the only word I can think of to describe how I saw myself in the mirror when I was getting ready for the beach trip Friday afterschool.

I turned around, craning my neck over my shoulder to get a good view of my back and sides, my frizzy wild hair flinging into my eyes. The scars, long and cruel, just make it impossible to show off the beautifully toned body I'd been working on…

Okay, so I'm a lazy-ass and my body is definitely not fit-looking, but c'mon a teenage girl shouldn't be deprived of showing off her body in a bright blue bathing suit.

"WHERE the HELL is my CURLING IRON?! You took it, I'll BET you took it, now tell me where it is!"

Yay! Another visit from Hell's mistress!

"It's in your second drawer, genius. YOU put it there to hide it from Apple when she was bothering you to do her hair too."

You'd hope the embarrassment of her own forgetfulness would shut her up, but of course shutting up is just asking for too much with Linda.

"Whatever, just shut up and get ready. I hope you have something to wear over that, or people will stare…and not in the good way. " she said with a hint of a cruel laugh, before hurrying off to her room to curl her hair.

Yes, dearest Satan is one of the dumb idiots who curl their hair before going to the beach. You know, to swim and get, you know, wet, which usually results in you know, hair ruin-age.

Originally, it was only supposed to be Jett, Ian, Chaya, Sky, Jamie, Seth and me… but our genius friend Ian let it slip to her and she convinced mum into letting her go too. Supporting her argument with the point that she needs to keep an eye on me to make sure I don't run off into the rain again.

I think mum just wanted a break from Linda, because she definitely wasn't fooled. I mean who's Linda kidding? She'd probably be the one to push me off a boat in some vain attempt to get an attractive lifeguard to save her sister and then run her favourite line : "How ever could I repay you?" [Insert cute googly eyes]. It's her favourite line to use on lifeguards (she heard it on TV on some medieval-themed movie when we were kids and just never got tired of over-using it). And yes, the making me fake my drowning incident has happened before, only I'm a horrible actress and both me and the attractive lifeguards get a good laugh at Linda's expense. (And it pisses her off, mostly because she thinks some sort of 'bonding' is going on between me and the lifeguard when really her pathetic attempts are just really fun to laugh at.)

I grab a plaid blouse in a light peach shade (its PEACH not PINK) and pack up the rest of my beach necessities. Lastly, I grab my darling electronic duo of cell phone & I-pod, some speakers and head down the stairs. Since I know Linda will be a while, I call Seth, but Sean picks up.

"Heyyy Ellie!!"

"Oh, hey Sean…why do you have Seth's phone…this time? "

"He's in the shower, and you were calling, and I thought it'd be rude to miss it." He said in a casual tone.

Why is everybody getting ready??!!

"He's in the shower?"


"Before, we're headed to the beach?"


"And what are you doing, straightening your hair?"

"How'd you know?!"



"I'll be the one to give you the first splash in the face when we get there."

"Ha-ha sure sweetcakes."

"Oh, and tell lover dearest to hurry up in the shower please, I really don't want to drive there with Ian and Satan."

"Fear not m'lady! We shall be there soon."

Linda's fumbling footsteps were echoing over from the stairs.

"I sure hope so."

And thus the conversation ended. And I had the sad, unfortunate luck to witness a frightening scene. Linda, in a red bikini, and stiletto heels was standing in front of me, checking her makeup in the foyer mirror.

"My eyes! My EYES! Oh god, someone please give me a spork or a knife or something, just save my poor scarred eyes!"

You might think that maybe I'm just over-exaggerating since I'm her little sister and all, but my god if the kitchen wasn't so many footsteps away, I really would have sporked my eyes out. Until Seth arrived of course, I mean, who wouldn't want to see that gorgeous shirtless body of his? You didn't hear me say that.

"Will you shut up, you little gecko? You only wish you could rock this look. "

What I really wished was for her to just cover up a little, so I tossed her one of her beach tops and a pair of shorts from the pile of folded laundry on the couch.

"I already have an outfit on my bed, thank you very much. I just came down to use the long mirror. The one in my room is too small."

I rolled my eyes, "I'll be waiting outside."

I'd only been outside about 5 minutes, when I see Ian's jeep and the twins' mini van coming down the road.

Sean leaped out of the jeep and ran over, spinning me around in a big hug.

"He-e-e-ey Sean. Nice hair!" I said, while messing up his obviously time-consumingly coiffed hair.

"Hey!" he said and then proceeded to mess up my own. It didn't really have the same affect, as I didn't really do anything to my hair anyways. If anything, it just added more volume. I greeted Chaya and Sky with a hug and waved to Jamie (very reluctantly, but his face lit up anyways) and Ian who were helping dearest Satan load her truckload of shit into the jeep. Finally, I turn to greet Seth, who was patiently leaning against the minivan. The summer wind was blowing through his perfectly messy hair and the sun just made his slanted smile all the more dazzling. I ran over and gave him a hug.

"Hey you." He said giving me a kiss on my nose.

I smiled, "Hey yourself."

After Jamie and Ian finally got Linda's shit loaded, we were ready to leave. Ian and Linda rode in the jeep while the rest of us piled into the minivan (No one thought they could survive a car ride with Linda. I truly admire Ian for his tolerance level.)


Half an hour later, we arrive at a beach that looks like it could be in a travel brochure. It was small, but beautiful all the same. I haven't seen a lot of beaches in my life, and the few that I have seen, aren't exactly clean. This one however, was just beautiful. The ocean was another hour and a half's drive west but this lake was still amazing. The lake was an uneven wobbly-egg shape but all around was a strip of sandy beach and the very first thing you notice is a small island. Far out into the lake, but a little off to the north east side. It didn't seem like there was much there, mostly trees, but if you looked carefully you could make out the soft glow of a lake-side restaurant hut. A bit over to the south west side of the lake was a small dock and all along the east side of the lake the beach was a thicker strip strewn with patio chairs and tables, and a shack for snacks and boat rentals, there was even a small wooden stage where a local band was performing. There were other people there, but it wasn't crowded, it was comfortable and lively. I loved this place right away.

"Oh. My. God. Guys! This is amazing! How come I never knew about this place before?!" I exclaim, practically leaping out of the van.

Ian and Linda pull up and I can hear her jump out of the jeep with her own squeal of excitement. This place was a resort compared to the places we've been to.

Linda, Sean, Chaya and Sky ran down to the beach with hoots and laughter while Seth helped Ian unload some stuff. I was just about to take off down to the beach myself and help set up but I was stopped by a voice.

"It's pretty great, isn't it? I mean Niagara was beautiful, but crowded and misty, Echo Lake is more of a good place to just hang." He spoke quietly; I guess he was afraid I'd blow up on him again. I turned around to face him. Jamie was standing just a few feet away, in white shorts and a navy blue v-neck t-shirt. He had a shark's tooth necklace on and was holding a cooler in his right hand.

"Yeah, it's really nice, I love it." I say to him in an even tone. I decide to add a small smile at the end, to ease up on the hostility.

There was a bit of an awkward silence but then he spoke again, "I called you a few times, but you never answered…I guess you were busy or—"

"No, I wasn't busy."

"I was really worried when you ran off that day, and you didn't show up at school, everyone was worried, actually."

"I'm fine now."

"Oh, um...ok. See you down at the Beach." He trembled just a little and for a split second I thought he would cry, but then he managed a pained smile and knelt down to pick up the cooler.

I was being a bitch to him, and I knew that, but it didn't tick him off one bit. He didn't blow up, he didn't call me names, and he didn't even make a face. He just looked genuinely hurt and…crestfallen. Even then, he still managed a smile. I figured that I should really give him a chance and stick to my word. Maybe, somehow he really did evolve into at least a remotely nice guy—as cliché as that sounds.

"Hey, Jamie, wait up a sec!" I called after him before he got too far.

"Umm, yeah?" His tone was a little lighter, but still cautious.

"I didn't pick up the phone, simply because I didn't want to hear how sorry you were, I didn't want your kindness. I hated you Jamie, and I guess I didn't want to accept the fact that you changed, and that you are well, no longer hate-able."

"But Elezza, listen you have to hear me out, I'm sorry. So, so sorry. The things I did, especially to you, they haunted me, all through my rehab. I couldn't forget the terrified face of the girl that I left in the garage with that crazy mutt. Please, see that I'm different; please forgive me…even though I know it's a big thing to ask." He was holding my hand in his now.

You're not actually going to forgive him are you?

I thought back to all the things that I'd been through, and all the scars I had…emotionally and physically. After everything, after turning my own best friend, my boyfriend, against me, did Jamie really deserve forgiveness at all? Maybe the logical answer would be No. Not a chance.

"I forgive you Jamie." But I really did forgive him. I guess I just had no more hateful energy left in me. And whether or not I liked it, we live in the same town now, and I would see him more often than not. My whole reason for coming to B.C was to start over, so why throw that chance away over some disgusting idiot who thought it'd be amusing to torment me? Especially since that particular person isn't even anywhere near me, because Jamie really is a totally different person now. And that's the Jamie I'd like to be friends with. I don't exactly forgive the things he did, but I do forgive him. Besides, I'm rarely a logical person anyway.

Suddenly, Jamie looked like a 5 year old kid who'd just won a lifetime supply of candy. He looked more excited than I was when I first saw Echo Lake.

"Thank you, Elezza." He said and gave me a hug. And it felt like one of the best hugs I'd gotten since arriving here. It felt like a huge relief to have everything behind me. And this time I didn't just, run away from it, I accepted it and moved on. I smiled back at Jamie, "Where's the food? I can save you a trip back."

"It's in the jeep."

"Sweet, I'll be right back!"

When I get up there, Seth was getting out his guitar.

"Hey!" I say. He puts his guitar down to pull me close for a kiss.

"Hello. So, how are you liking echo Lake?"

"You know I love it, it's beautiful. I'm sure you heard both me and Linda screaming."

"Yeah, at first I thought it was good thing. When Linda had the same reaction, I was a little confused." We both laughed. He still had his arms around me when I remembered what I came back for.

"Oh um, where's the picnic basket? Or whatever you put the food in? I thought I'd save Jamie a trip back. "

"Oh so you two are all buddy-buddy now, eh?"

"We talked, and I listened to you. You were right; he changed, so I forgave him."

He pulled me closer, "Aw, and I was all excited to beat someone up. Man, I was so pumped!"

"Yeah right, you're the one who tried to convince me to let it go," I gave him a mock-punch in the stomach and he reeled back in mock-pain. "Oww."

"But, I'm always here if you want to play fight." I said with a grin.

Ew, am I flirting? Obviously I'm really bad at it…. Play fight? Really? Okay, subject-change time.

"So, um, where's the basket?"

"Right here," He said, taking it out of the back seat and handing it to me.

"Thanks," I said. After locking the Jeep, he picked up his guitar and kissed me on the cheek.

"I'll see you down there soon; I've just got to help Sean set up the instruments."

"Uh, the last time I saw Sean, he was splashing around half naked in the water."

Seth rolled his eyes, "I'll take care of it, see you soon!"

"Okay, Later!"

I headed back to Jamie, and we walked down to where Chaya and Sky had already laid out there towels. As we laid our own down, Jamie asked if I wanted a soda.

Of course, being the immense failure I am, it took me a good while to get the bottle cap to move. Even then, I only accomplished it to move about a millimeter.

Jamie laughed and offered to open it.

"So," he said as I finally took a sip of my un-open able bottle. "That first time you saw me, at the Whoa, Epiphany! gig, you didn't recognize me?"

"Uhm no, I didn't." It was such an odd question, because it was quite obvious that I didn't recognize him then.

Then a playful smile crept up on his face and he said "It was cause I was hot wasn't it."

I almost choked on my soda because I was laughing so hard.

"Oh c'mon, you thought I was a little attractive."

I grabbed a handful of ice and chuck it at him.


In counterattack, he picks me up and throws me in the lake. We're not far in our little water-war when Chaya and Sky run up to us.

"Omigawd!" she chimes, unsuccessfully trying to suppress hysterical laughter. Sky continues on for her, "have you seen Sean?"

"Uhm, no." I answer for both Jamie and myself.

Sky tries a few times to explains, but cuts himself off with laughter,

"Oh, c'mon we have to show you!" Chaya grabs my hand and we both run across the beach, weaving through picnic tables and scattered chairs and over relaxing couples when we finally reach the stage. There, smack-dab in the middle of the stage, hair wet, totally shirtless and in orange Hawaiian board shorts is a shirtless Sean singing his rendition of "Girls" by the Beastie Boys with Jett on the keyboard. Some girls that I can recognize from our school, but can't recall the names of, are dancing along beside him. He notices us in the crowd flashes a lopsided smile and sticks his arms out, inviting us to join him in his embarrassing fun. Jamie was the first to jump on stage, followed by Chaya. Sky and I were about to jump on stage too but I was stopped with a tap on my shoulder.

"Hey Seth, everything all right?" I said, he was dripping wet and had a worried expression on his face.

"Yeah, but have you seen Sean? You said he was playing around in the Lake, but I was just down there and---"Both Sky and I cut him off with our own hysterical laughter and point to the stage. Sean had now decided to perform the pelvic thrust upon a beach ball which Jamie had brought into the mix. Seth a first had a mortified expression on, but seeing Sean like that onstage---well you just have to laugh uncontrollably first before the embarrassment of actually knowing the kid hits you.

Sky and I decided to join the stage-party but just as Sky got up on stage he accidentally bumped into Jamie, who lost grip on the ball which was pelvic thrusted into the air by Sean, and then ending its flight by smacking Linda (who was obliviously making out with Ian at the time) right in the head.

I laughed so hard I think I died a little.

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