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Being Millie chapter 1: this is mainly a prologue

Have you ever seen those magazines with the title in big, happy, light letters, with tidbits of information like a heads up on an engagement between a singer and their equally famous fiancé (or fiancée) or some washed up actress who adopted her fifth child, with a big ol' picture of a supermodel, in the latest from some sixty-something lady who probably has a French accent and a little Chihuahua or Pomeranian named Fifi or Princess and makes more money then the president sketching, pasted on the front cover with a speech bubble or quotation marks pointed at their mouth that say "The best advice I can give is follow your dreams!"? Well, guess what?

That's a load of crap.

Because, turns out, that almost never helps. Unless, of course, your super pretty, then California's agents snatch you up, and make you even more pretty. Oh no, they think, she doesn't just have to be prettier then most girls her own age, she has to be prettier then all girls of any age!"

And that she just happens to be one of my least favorite people: Ruby Kenton.

Who is Ruby Kenton? Think Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears. Actually, it's more Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, since she hasn't had a breakdown yet. (No offense to Lindsey and Britney) She's big. Dyes her hair a different color every weekend, has posters in every teens locker, (Maybe not so much guys, they prefer to worship in private.) and has had her air-filled head on every magazine and newspaper in the world.

Now, who am I to judge her? In all her interviews and such she's all "I love everybody!" and "I always bond with everyone!" and "Golly, I would never ever drink!" Well I can see right through that act. I mean, how many movie stars, singers, and models actually come off as mean? No one in Hollywood is all, "No, we don't get along, because that dirty hag stole my Cynthia Prada Bag in Burgundy!" Because that would make them look bad.

Now who am I?

Think Aliana Lohan, Jamie L. Spears, Brandi Cyrus, and Austin Swift. Well, not so much Austin as I am not a guy, but you get the idea. Many of you would reread that sentence and say who? Well, some of us have followed successfully in our big/little sister's footsteps like Jamie L. Spears, Ashlee Simpson, Noah and Trace Cyrus.

But the rest of us are hopelessly doomed for all eternity. Mostly:


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