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"...And this is the show?" I asked, glancing around at the almost-a-living-room-except-too-flamboyant set. Funny, they probably made it like that so you would feel more at home and comfortable, but right now there were butterflies in my stomach no amount of fake houses could fix.

"Yep. "Mornin' with Marnie". Blech." Jess said, dragging his finger on the wall as we waited to go on. "Time to embarrass ourselves in front of millions of people."

At that, I tensed up and Kevin put his arms around me in a hug-from-behind to comfort me. "Aww, he's just messing with you. You'll be fine, Mil." I turned to him and he smiled. Poof! Butterflies gone.

"Please welcome Jess Prescott and Molly Kenton!" Marnie screamed in a way too peppy cheerleader voice. This was followed by a series of squeals and woots from the crowd, eager to see the rockstar.

Jess strode out with a million watt smile and welcomed the praise. I strolled out behind him silently. Marnie motioned us to the beige couch opposite her matching arm chair.

"So Jess, introduce us to your new friend. Molly, right?" She fake smiled at him.

"It's Millie, actually." I corrected her, annoyed.

"Oopsies, honey I'm sorry."

Jess cleared his throat. "Yep. She's a very good friend of mine. One of the coolest girls I know."

Marnie raised a brow. "Ahh, cute and sweet. Molly you're very lucky to have him."


"That's what I said."

"Oh. Well, I'm sorry but we're not – "

"And Mr. Prescott, not a better time to pick up the little sister of supermodel Ruby Kenton! With your band's tour coming up, dating the smallest Kenton must help you rake in that moolah, huh?" Marnie said, completely cutting me off and ignoring me.

I was shocked. "But we're not – "

Jess put his hand on my shoulder to calm me down in a 'would-you-please-shut-up?' way. "Oh, Marnie. That's not why I fell in love with my Millsy here. She's also adorable and makes me smile." For affect, he tickled me a little and grinned.

After he stopped, I leaned in and muttered into his ear through my clenched teeth. "What are you doing?"

He whispered back, not taking his attention off of Marnie, the woman so focused on dissecting his every move for something she could blow up and turn into a story, "Just play along, Mil. Please."

Confused but trusting him, I did what he said. Marnie asked me a lot of things about 'us'. Like what our favorite colors were, what our top movie picks were.

Soon, she plastered a smile on her face and turned to me to asked a question I was not too thrilled to answer. Of course, it was a question about my older, famous, and way cooler sister. "Molly, how would you describe your sister?"

"Again, its Millie. And what do you mean?"

"Like . . . has fame gone to her head?"

I was walking around the mall with my short bad haircut and my baby pink nail polish. Standing next to me, holding my hand was my favorite person in the entire world. Ruby had gotten enough money from her eight grade graduation to buy some clothes. And as she pinky swore, a green popsicle from Louie's for me.

I was gnawing on my fingernails when Ruby noticed and playfully elbowed me. "Cookie! You know mom told you not to."

Cookie. I loved that word. When she was happy, she always called me Cookie. Like the warm, moist peanut butter ones we had yesterday.

I noticed a crowd had formed in the middle of the mall. "Hey Ruby, what's that?"

She squinted. "I don't know. Lets go see." She ran toward it. I tried to keep up best I could.

There it was! A big platform was set up and music was pumping through the speakers. An audience had gathered around it to watch skinny girl sashay down the runway with very stylish . . . and revealing clothes.

"Look!" Ruby pointed to the side of the stage, half hidden, where a woman with snow white hair pulled into a loose ponytail stood shaking her head and marking off things on her clipboard.

Ruby put me on her shoulders and maneuvered through the dense crowd for a closer look. When we were a good three feet from the woman, I saw now that she was anxious. "No, no. We don't need Sandra. We can have Melissa change three times and –Yes, she can do It . . .I know I can see him from here!" She peeked out of the curtain at some guy in the audience.

As she put the curtain she spotted us. Her eyes lit up. "Hey you! Can you do me a huge favor?"

Ruby blinked. "Me?"

"Yes you. Put this on."

I never got that green Popsicle.

I , quite loudly. So loudly that Jess, Marnie, and about a hundred people were staring silently at me.

Why were they – I turned to look offstage at the rest of the band where Zach shrugged and Chris made a 'go on' gesture.

Oh yeah. "No . . . not at all."

Marnie gave me a strange look that lasted till the end of the show.

After the big pot of awkward, I turned to Jess. We were backstage so no one could hear us. "What are you thinking? What happened to 'poof'?"

"Shh! I know, but this is a good thing."

"But you said – "

"I know what I said! But being with a Kenton will help me and the band. We need that."

"Jess – "

"Millie listen to me! I'm asking for a favor. Please, Millie, please."

". . . Okay."

Jess wrapped his arms around me for a bear hug. "Thank you!"

"But just for a little while, okay?"


"Pinky promise?" I said out of instinct.



Back at Jess's and Kevin's apartment, Danny went straight to the fridge to find some energy drink. "Hey Zachoroni, want some Mt. Dew?"

"Nah man. I'm trying to lay off the sugar. Crashes my vibe."

Chris rolled his eyes at the hippie sitting next to him. "Hey Danny, snag me one."

I was on the memory foam couch with Kevin watching some classic TV. We were sitting right next to each other, waiting, listening.

"Wait for it . . ." Kevin mumbled, eyes glued to the screen. Until I heard the familiar music and . . .

"Hanging out!" I yelled.

"Down the street!" Kevin sung in a fake accent

"The same old things!"

"We did last week!"

Danny sat down next to all of us and handed Chris his drink. "Ugh. Will you guys shut up?" He nudged me in the arm. "I'm trying to enjoy my meal."

"Mt. Dew is not a meal."

Jess walked in and ruffled my hair. "It is to us."

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