A/N- Yeah sorry... Corrected

Shoot me,
Leave the bullet,
Make sure it's Silver,
The back of the head.
It'll kill me physically.

My tears are burning,
Heart is heavy,
Let me fall to the ground.
The bullet needs to end it.
Just kill me already!

You torture me,
Stand there watching me.
Just point the gun,
The bullet's there.
Can't you hear me?!

Just kill me!
Just end me!
Why can't you hear me!
Listen to me!
Just listen to me for once!!

I fall.
The shot rang into the silence.
The pain only a second.
Blackness shrouds now closed eyes.

My knees hit the ground,
My blood dripping away,
The limp body falling forward,
Hitting the ground.
The note saying "thank you" falling from my hand...