It's me! No, your a beast! A wolf that should never be!
What? How can you be so naive?
You fool! Have you not seen what you are? Our love will never be the same.
I'm the beast? The big bad wolf? No words.
I knew you would disown me... They all did.
You tried to stop me, but I didn't listen... Not this time.
No, this time... I choose.

This time... I go.
This time, I rule.
This time, it's my run.
This time, my life, my love.
This time, the moon speaks to me.

I run, I will not look back.
I dream, The arguement never fading from mind.
Whose fault is it?
Mine for choosing something I wanted?
Or yours for saying you can't love me for what I've become?

What's happened to me?
Am I really just some fool?
Just some beast that's set to kill?
My mind won't stop thinking.
My eyes won't stop changing.
My changing won't stop progressing.

I'm loosing control.
The gun... It's not here.
The knife... It's gone too.
What to do...? The vampires... They're back.
They're always there.
Yes, I'll talk to the vampires instead of myself or the humans...

I'm loosing it. My mind is going. My life will go.
My heart next.
What's going on?
Someone... Please... Anyone... Save me?