Some mornings I wake up as a different person
Not who you met
I'm prettier, and wittier, and I'm great at division
I don't worry about abandonment
Because I can feel you in between my toes
Then I'd see you face to face
And I'd take you away from this place
Throw you into somewhere you've never been
Take you out of context
I'd know where we were going
But I wouldn't care where we'd been
What we'd lived through wouldn't be so big
Since no words fall from the trees
And I would step over your faults and flaws
Making up new ways to breathe and boundaries
You'd be so far from where you've been
Everything would be new and beautiful
And your head would be so light you'd fly
Up with me, into the clouds
We'd both have visions of futures
Where we stayed together in some manner
And I would cry endlessly
But just for a second
I'd be who I wanted to be
And you would more than understand