Miracle Metal

Author's note: This was a tenth grade assignment. My teacher asked for us to write about a fictional character. I chose Hank/Henry Rearden. I had the person who recommended me to the book read this and he told me I had one of the most essential plots. I must agree with him.

"Brother, you asked for it." Francisco Domingo Carlos Undres DAnconia. Gaining profits in market, and working to earn capital, in a moral fashion, may not be as simple as one wishes for it to be. Being a industrialist that produces quality items requires effort. Furthermore, citizens do not always trade in a moral fashion, which complicates matters and often causes the whole situation to become more difficult. Complications are caused by government interference by way of government favors by rewarding shabby production and punishing success. Often the successful is accused of many things, and are often threatened, one example of this is monopolizing, or not permitting the other competitor a chance. The government then gives aid to the unsuccessful, and the successful is pushed aside. It causes trade to be unequal as the government approved companies receives many advantages over the unfavorable companies. No matter how much there's always competitions, and laws to follow. Some of which are immoral. Henry Rearden also known as Hank, who owns a steel plant, Rearden Steel, from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, had created a special kind of metal. Rearden metal was a metal that lasted, was efficient, and easy to use. However, his metal didn't have a market. He had to struggle against selfless men, immoral and self sacrificial politicians, gossiping crowds, immoral businessmen, and unreasonably shallow scientists, when he initially created the new metal, which was branded Rearden metal. Mr. Rearden's problem accumulated, and he must resolve them so to continue with his business.

A fresh unique formula of blue-green metal is not an easy task. It took ten years for Rearden to make the Rearden metal formula, and it was very difficult work, which he invested a big sum on. When he had tried to put this alloy out in the market so as to sell it, no one wanted to purchase it. It was new, so no one desired to be the first one who tried it. No one trusted it, they were afraid of it. They felt more secure using the old products. This prevented them from having to learn how to manipulate the new metal as it was too hard for them to use. There was a bunch of gossip and controversy about it being rather unstable metal to use,, and no one had any proof to support that fact. The scientists who studied it knew that it was the best metal they've examined, but dared not pronounce it, because they didn't want to upset the crowd for political reasons. They cared about public opinion, and it certainly would not be an appropriate time to introduce this metal alloy. After all, the crowd liked the old stuff, since they didn't want to risk anything. Politicians asked the press to print stories declaring how unstable the metal was. Wesley Mouch the person overlooking the nation's economics had attempted to pass riddiculous laws to make this metal unsellable.
After all, they wanted to look good and saying good things about the metal wasn't going to make them popular. Orren Boyle, another steel plant owner, who was Rearden's competitor, had to prove how much better steel was to the new metal, because surely he needed business. James Taggart the president of the Taggart Transcontinental railroad refused to repair his severely broken track with Rearden metal, because he didn't want to believe the metal was good, and also he didn't want to be laughed at. So Rearden had no market for his metal, because everyone was scared of the new reality, and was scared to use it. It was unused and unwanted, which disappointed him as he actually wanted a market for it. He expected for it to sell out well, but it did not. After all, after spending ten years on this he naturally wanted it to be marketable. The problem was soon resolved by a highly intelligent woman, who knew what she was doing.

Dagny Taggard james's younger sister was tired of waiting for Orren Boyle to deliver tracks which had been thirteen months late. Orren Boyle kept moving the date of deliverance back, and kept on serving other companies, which he favored. Dagny had been clever enough to get in contact with Rearden, and ordering steel, which was guaranteed to be on time. Since, Rearden was a fairly fair man, he did not play favorites. He had offered Dagny a better solution, and that was to build the track out of steadier materials. This was Rearden metal. Dagny examined the formula, and approved of it. So she ordered a big load of metal alloy to build the tracks. Everyone was saying bad things about the new rail and how it would collapse. James Taggart had thrown a fit when his sister told him that they had new rail and it was going to be Rearden metal. Everyone was furiously teasing the metal, and running a mock of it all. After thirteen months of hard labouring involving such things as both overseeing laying the tracks on Dagny's part, and mass producing the metal on Rearden's part they had it done. In these thirteen months Taggart Transcontinental was the only customers for the metal. Inspite of that, Henry Rearden was glad that he could sell his first specimens of it, and that he could actually start making the metal.

After they finished that, the time came where it was to be tested, and most of all, to prove everyone's hypothesis of it being incapable of sustaining incorrect. Everyone was out of control the two days proceeding to the test. Almost everyone declared that they weren't going to be on the first train, because the track was surely to collapse right away. Dagny had also built a bridge with the metal, and people claimed that it was going to break right away. Rearden just ignored all this and he knew that it was not going to collapse. Dagny also knew that it was not going to collapse. To prove this wrong they both were going to ride on the first train, the comet which was going to run on the new laine. So the day came, Dagny and Rearden went on the train. They went at a hundred miles an hour and the tracks did not break. They speeded over the bridge and it remained standing rather steadily. They actually enjoyed the train ride, and Henry Rearden was very proud of his success. When they reached the station everyone cheered, and they were the heros for a long while to many, but still people wanted to play the wrong sorts of games. They declared the achievement being James Taggarts's work. In the end however, everyone started to go for Rearden metal and it was becoming one of the most successful things on the market.

Author's note: If anyone has read Atlas Shrugged you will understand that the title is meant to be a joke. It makes fun of Floyd Feris's lame name for this great invention.