"Boring businessman, boring businessman, yet another boring businessman." He drawled, staring at the entrance of the building. Or rather, the television that showed the entrance of the building. There was no other way to see the entrance from the dark little room that he sat in. Kelly moaned, rubbing his eyes. "Why can't there be someone interesting, for once?"

Sending a prayer to every god he thought might exist, Kelly fervently hoped for a beautiful business woman to walk in the door. 'I might actually have something decent to look at.' He thought as he watched another roly-poly man stuffed into a black suit push the revolving doors. Following behind that man was the answer to Kelly's prayers.

A woman all dolled up in her fancy jacket and skirt. Kelly hummed and leaned closer. She had a pretty face, to die for curves, and she limped awkwardly. He blinked startled and took at better look at her. Her hair was mussed, her skirt had dirt stains around the knees, and her pantyhose had a huge rip in them. She was scowling as she hobbled towards the main desk and unless Kelly was wrong, it was because her shoe's high heel was loose.

She slammed her hands down on Carissa's desk to catch her balance. Kelly whistled as she moved her weight from one foot to the other, wiggling her butt accidentally. Carissa seemed to have huge amounts of sympathy for the poor thing because she pulled out her flip flops.

Carissa always wore those flip flops behind her desk, if she wasn't going barefoot. 'It's too uncomfortable to wear heels all day long. I have no idea how the other women do it.' She said to Kelly once, answering his questioning look. 'Besides, no one sees my feet behind the desk, right? Except for other employees, and they don't really care.' Kelly had shrugged, not really caring himself. But if she was offering her flip flops, then this lady was an employee. Since Kelly had never seen her before, a new employee.

The lady nodded at Carissa, limping away with the flip flops in her hand. She bumped into someone near the elevators, glaring as he strode away. Kelly wondered if the guy insulted her or just ignored her. He was betting on the insults. People just weren't as polite as they used to be. He flicked his gaze to the elevator screen. He didn't see what button she hit, but at the sixth floor everyone else had left the elevator.

She flew into a flurry of action. She ripped her shoes off her feet and threw them at the wall, yelling something. Kelly grinned and supplemented plenty of curses for her as he watched her mouth move. In the next instant, he was drooling over the screen. She had hiked her skirt up and was pulling her pantyhose down.

Kelly felt like a peeper, but it was like a train wreck to him. He just couldn't look away. He noticed the plain white practical underwear just before she yanked her skirt back down. She tossed her pantyhose down to join her ruined shoes and tossed her head back. She leaned it against the wall of the elevator, just staring blankly at the camera in the corner. He could see the light bulb flash as her eyes grew wide with horror. He roared with laughter as she began slamming her head against the wall.

Wiping away the tears, he continued to watch her. All the way up to the top floor. "Ah." He fought off his frustration. It was the only place he couldn't see her. New people were always interesting, at least until they got their routine down. But she was out of his range. She was in the boss' domain and no one, not even the security guard, got to watch the boss' domain.

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