The day was somewhat gloomy. The sky was unusually gray but then again winter was fast approaching.

Christian stare out at the window down at the garden below where the plants and other vegetation were being tended to by the workers. He let out a sigh but quickly turned his head to the doorway when he heard fast approaching footsteps and shouting.

"Christian! Christian!" a young child shouted as she entered the room Christian was in.

Christian smiled instantly, picked up the young girl, and embraced her, "Hello little sister," he said with clear affection in his tone.

The little girl hugged her older brother tightly and after a few seconds let go.

"I am hoping you had fun with Angelina?" he asked with a smile and patted his sister on the head.

The little girl pouted when Christian placed a hand on her head but smiled when Angelina walked in.

"Of course she had fun. She better have because we did everything she wanted to do," Angelina said as she walked in and gave the little girl a wink.

Angelina was a beautiful girl in her early twenties to Christian who was a few years older in his mid twenties.

Christian smiled as Angelina approached him. He took her hand and placed a kiss upon the back of it. Christian let go of her hand when the little girl started making a fuss, "Ewww…that's yucky!" she said as she started making faces in disgust.

Angelina and Christian both laughed and separated from each other.

"Don't you have to see mother right now?" Christian asked the little girl with a raised brow.

His sister crossed her arms and pouted, "I don't want to…" she said quietly but determined.

Christian smirked and the little girl only widened her eyes. She started screaming and ran out of the room when Christian started running toward her.

As Christian was chasing his sister, Angelina grasped his arm and he stopped to look at her. His sister kept screaming and running down the hall. "What is it love?" he asked putting his hands on her cheeks.

Angelina put her hands on top of Christian's hands and smiled, "You promised you would take me to the masked ball…I want to make sure that we still get to go" she said softly.

Christian chuckled softly, "Of course Angel. You do not need to ask. You know I would never go back on a promise," he said and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

As they pulled away from each other, they both smiled. Angelina left the room and Christian walked back to the window. He once again glanced down at the garden but a few seconds later he clutched his chest and leaned against the wall. He started coughing and wincing in pain as if there was some sort of poison traveling through his body. The episode lasted for about ten seconds before it disappeared suddenly just as it had came upon him in the same sneaky manner.

Christian breathed heavily and felt his heart racing. He had no idea what had brought on such an attack. Well it had happened before but this time the pain was far worse than his previous attacks.

He closed his eyes and calmed his breathing before he was going to do anything. When he did settle down, he held his breath and slowly exhaled one last time.

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