GPA Problem
Author's note: I was writing an April Fools article for my school's paper and I thought I'd post it on here for laughs. No, it's not only an April Fools article, but also a satire, if you look carefully enough. Yes, I have changed the name of my school, and these people and their quotes are not real. Also I have added sentences as I don't have a word count this time. Thank god, I hate them! Do I do well in thinking like the majority? Enjoy, and have a good laugh.

casmoor baseball team announced the cancelation of the next game due to a rule violation. This Violation is due to a problem with the GPA or rather Grade Point Averages. In order to play one must have a 2.5 GPA or above however a few members violated the rule and has a GPA lower then a 2.5, therefore they may not play. The team lacks the number of back ups necessary, so the next game is canceled. Many members are unhappy about the whole thing. "Hell no! I definitely don't like this. I really don't have a high GPA either, I actually have just above a 2.5. I think it's not fair to require us to get high GPA's in order to play on the team. Sports is sports, What the fuck does it got to do with anything?" Casmoor Junior Jack Medley claimed. Many are outraged that this rule has stopped their team from playing. As a few low grades should not have a hand in ceasing the teams progress. "No, I think, it's really not fair. I have a higher grade, but I suppose I just have a natural talent for school. Not everyone is great at everything. They are good at only one or two things, and for the majority of us in baseball that has a low grade, it's the sports for us, and maybe one other thing. I take physics presently and I'm good at it, because I want to be a physicist. I don't give a care about who invented what in 1794 in the U.S. I don't care about what Pip in Great Expectations is suppose to represent, that stuff is not my thing, and that's not going to help me be what I want in the future," a Casmoor senior Julio Rexsingson states. Not only were many outraged about the GPA policy making a player unable to play, but also the simple fact that they couldn't play. To these baseball players, it's definitely important they do get to play. "I'm enraged and so are the rest of my teammates. Just because of a fucking bad grade that a few people had ruined our game. For most of us that's our passion. The games keep us motivated and keeps us coming to school. A lot of times, I don't want to come to class only to remember about practice, so I decided to come," Claimed Casmoor Senior Eddie Sandings. However much they are upset something has to be done. The team could no longer afford to waste any time, and immediate actions must be taken. Joseph Hesbram declared, "Yes, coach has already put in more back-ups. The coach has also made sure that these students could positively contribute to the team. A few has already started practice with us, and they are pretty good. Coach is still looking for more people though, just in case we actually need back-ups again, we have more then enough this time." The team is now positive that they could do better, and they plan to get more back-ups so this wouldn't happen again. The team is now confident that they will win the next game they'll play. They are ready to proclaim, "we will go out to the field and hold our heads high when hitting that ball!"