Shredded papers, broken dreams, shattered hearts, and many tears,
losing friends, moving on, giving up, and holding on.
Loving life, ungranted wishes, deleted words, scribbles drawn.
Writing thoughts, and making plans, hating people, finding love,
making wishes, and growing up,
breathing air, feeling the grass, watching that clouds that slowly pass.
Changing styles, finding ways, and indecisive, no choices are made, drinking soda, walking paths,
seeing what relationships have a chance to last,
making new friends, running out of ink, having no time to breathe or think.
Feel time pass slowly by, then seeing how fast it flies by.
Pencils broke, and so did hearts, regret and mistakes sure played their part,
all these things have made me what I've become, I wouldn't change a single one.

a/n: All little pieces of me.
I wish I could honestly believe the last line.