The Split Of Germany

Author's Note: Just like my total war essay this was an AP U.S. quickwrite up. It was suppose to be a paragraph, but I am afraid it's more than that.

The age old conflict between an individual against the collective, capitalism with communism, aristotelian against platonism, kant and Marx against Lock and Rand, and such philosophical conflicts causes the cold war. The united soviet socialist Republic (USSR) is a socialist state as it states in their name, where it states so clearly, "Soviet Socialist." The United States is a republic (not a democratic state, that's wrong. That's Athens,) and has a mixed economy. The United states does not run on capitalism as so many fool themselves in believing as there is a large influence in the private sector by the government. Capitalism in it's purest forum is an economy where the government does nothing more than keep order in society, ensuring that no citizen violates the law. They do not interfere with markets and certainly does not control or desire to nationalize it.

Socialists wanted communism, which only works if the whole world is communistic as the base word "commune" suggests, so they expanded as their goal was to help it to become the global level. Capitalism works in one country well, but it's better as a global system. The capitalists also atempted to make their system global. The Capitalists were so few, it never succeeded. They fought for it, mostly in the united states, but a democratic mixed economy overpowered the battle This led to the clash in Germany. The U.S. moved towards the east and soviet move towards the west. This splits Germany into bipolar halfs, east Germany and west Germany. The U.S. had west berlin, but it was so deep in the platonists side to the point where it became a problem. They ignored the soviets and continued shipping their goods to West Berlin as if the Soviets were not there. The communistic leader Stalin didn't like that so he blockaded Berlin. The U.S. flew goods in and dropped them in to west Berlin, therefore still delivering their products. The soviets built a wall in the middle of Berlin to set off their part. Communism and a mixed economy can't work in harmony, much less can a capitalist society operate with a communistic one. There is no possible way to cooperate or compromise. You can't be "filthy rich" and "dirt porr" at the same time. Well unless you plan to be the first one to do so, which I applaud you for trying. The soviets was afraid that the capitalists would intervene so they built a wall. This way, no communistic Germans can escape to the side of the western powers. This also assured that the side of the mixed economy cannot send their things over to their side. The west Germans were rich with the help of the United States , and if their goods and products were accessible to these East Germans, they would want to join the rich West Germans. This was what Conrad Stalin couldn't have.