A For Apple To Z For Zebra

Author's note: Yes, My teacher asked us to write a paper explaining why we organized the way we did. So, this came out. This is about why people organize there papers alphabetically.
This probably is my most mindless piece, so enjoy the semi intelligence.

The question is not why I organized my portfolio alphabetically, but why people do it altogether!!!!!
Most things work better in some sort of order, and no order at all would be chaos. A thing that is in Alphabetical order is neat, concise, and useful when looking for work or things in general. Many things are in alphabetical order such as dictionaries, phonebooks, atlases, encyclopedias, and electronic databases generally group things in alphabetical order. You look in your drive for a file, and you will find that things are in alphabetical order. A file called homework will always be after classwork. In the alphabet c is before h therefore classwork is before homework.

No one, is going to remember that they did what when, what hour and how. You can't catalog things by date, unless you logged everything

Monday: 5-06
Piece D
Tuesday: 5-07
Piece Z
Wendesday 5-08
Piece Q
Thursday 5-09
Piece A
Friday 5-10
Piece t.

Lets sayy you are looking for piece Q, you might not remember two months later or years later that you did it on Wednesday 5-08. No, you remember piece Q by Piece Q. You might not remember when you did it, but you will know you did piece Q. So, if you look for piece Q you can look at the alphabetical files and find Q and it's so simple, as you can find it easily.