Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Who's the grimmest of them all?
Who's the girl that's always frowning
And has too much on her furrowed brow
Who walks with a chip on her slumped down shoulder
And never smiles when she says please and thank you

Who thinks the world is full of woe
A freakish, fetid, nasty circus
With trapped performers
Who dance all night on hang rope strings
And sing in shrill voices with painted smiles
Who never seem to admit they're weary

The girl gives dirty looks to noisy children
And never laughs at silly jokes
Unmoved by babies, cats and flowers
This girl is truly an icy fringe dweller
Capable of icy things and somebody should really stop her...

Mirror. Mirror on the wall. Who's the saddest of them all? The grumpy, grimmest girl of all? I'm sure it isn't me.