Effervescent love

Your breath

The dancing snakes of smoke, those words

That slither up my skin,

The tingle of sleep awaking; your call

Blooms them into shivers. Your heat


Like spiraling hydrogen, magnesium

Burns, acid of your sweet sweat

Corrodes my heart. I feel

The sizzles of my bosom,

Like coldest satin, close-pressed silver surface

Squeezing dry those wet emotions

Dripping hot lust like petals falling

From a looming love-struck tree. The glass


Breaks, your searing touch

Like water, strokes the basin,

Sends blooming myriads of glistening

Precipitate, tinges pink and purple hues

Now paint my senses red.

So we


Let passion kiss our souls,

Imprinted gold, nectars upon my lips. We feel

Sensuous divinities, that formed anew

Solicit those quantum dynamics, electrifying

Your fingers, those magnets that wrap

Covalence round, ionization sends

Energy through our hearts. I taste

The sour rust of you that creeps

So pregnant with desire.


You say it's just reaction

Just bubbling youth that spews,

Effervescence uncontrolled

Spinning mess right off the rim.


But I would say it's a love-like bond,

And I'd blame it on him.

A/N: I've been writing a lot of poetry lately, and I'm not sure why. I'm improving though, I think. Probably haven't been writing very much prose because I've been too busy to think up plots. Pretty words for poetry though, doesn't take very much time.

Comments please. I don't like this poem very much yet. The ending's lacking, I just have no idea what exactly.

-Sekine Hana