This is an original piece of fiction meant for entertainment purposes only.

Fountain of Youth

By LJ58

I would have loved the feel of his cock in me, but that was not to be. The man I had scoped out was too busy gaping at the slutty brunette on the other side of the bar. My own figure was nothing to sneeze at, but maybe he sensed the difference in me. I had a mind. That stupid cow with the balloons on her chest had nothing but a cunt.

Sour grapes, I know, but hey, even smart girls want to get fucked from time-to-time.

I gave up trying to draw the jerk's eye, and finished my drink before I headed for the door. It was almost three in the morning anyway. I had to be getting back. I barely made it two blocks before I noticed I was being followed. Two guys. Big guys. I could smell the beer on them even upwind. I didn't need much intelligence to know what they were after tonight.

When you've lived as long as I have, you know exactly what is on a man's mind when he looks at a lean, supple body with full tits framed by long, black air. Yep, that's me. What they didn't know was….

Well, it didn't matter. I wanted what was coming as much as I deserved it. Part of my curse. Hell, part of my blessing.

One of them broke away to dash ahead when we entered the park. I guess he thought he was being clever when he used the bushes to cut me off. Yeah, right. Like a deaf man couldn't have heard him stomping through those dry brushes like some lame elephant.

His buddy sped up, not three free behind me now, and suddenly I stopped and turned on him. Here I go, I smiled inwardly in anticipation.

"What do you want," I asked him in my best indignant tone. Which was when my cockiness got the better of me. Because it was that very instant the world turned black even as the big man's face took on an ugly sneer.


When I opened my eyes again, I was hanging in the middle of a small room with some kind of hood over my head. I knew it was a small room all the same. I could judge the number of men in the room by the raspy sounds of their breathing, and their echoes helped me sound out the size of my apparent prison. Unfortunately, I also knew it was long past sunrise.

I knew because I was hanging there in front of my abductors, back in my male body.

Part of curse. Yeah, and part of my blessing.

"I know you," I heard a strangely familiar voice chuckle darkly about then. "I had you once, years past. Now, I have you again. Only I have grown old, and you….you, strange, sweet creature, are as young as you were those many years ago.

"I didn't know this side of you then, though," the raspy, croaking voice went on. "Rather odd, but I find I must admire your man's flesh as well as the woman's that you wear," he told me as I felt a withered, trembling hand reach out of the darkness that was forced on me to stroke my small, limp member. I thanked every god I knew that I didn't respond.

That would have just been….creepy.

I was no prude, but, hey, this guy sounded ancient. And I was obviously in enough trouble. So, I wisely kept my mouth shut.

"You do not wish to respond," the too familiar voice asked snidely. Perhaps you wish to be made to speak. To beg. To plead," he suggested, and I felt a very cold chill etch my spine as I remembered there were two others in the room. Likely the two thugs from the previous night.

"Perhaps you wish to entertain my men with your oh, so very interesting flesh," the man asked me in that cold, sardonic tone he possessed.

Who was this freak, I wondered, trying to place that voice in the catalogue of my memories.

"Nathan, here, is gay, you know," the old man pointed out as I heard the breathing of one of the men suddenly speed up. "He would very much enjoy taking you as you are now.

"Samuel, however, prefers the young, nubile flesh of females. I believe you would qualify later. Likely after nightfall if my suspicions are correct. After all, you did change into this form at dawn.

"Am I correct in that assumption?" What the hell, I decided. The cat was out of the bag here anyway, so to speak. So I nodded blindly at the old fart's query. What harm could it do now? "You can speak, you marvelous creature," the old man rasped, sounding gleeful now. "Whatever you are, I have not gagged you. I simply did not wish to look upon that male face. I prefer the girl in you myself. And while your male façade is admirable in appearance, I find I do not like you face. No, not at all."

What was wrong with my face I glowered behind my hood.

"Too fucking bad," I started to say, then remembered this might not be the time to be so flippant. So, uncharacteristically, I kept my mouth shut.

"No, no, that's not the complete truth," the old man went on in the wake of my silence. Which, of course, I already suspected.

"The truth is, I believe I might just fear your eyes," the old man confessed. "I remember those dark, fathomless depths even now. A man could get lost in those eyes, I recall. Are they the source of your power, your youth? What grants you this secret life?"

A powerful hand slapped my bare ass, gripping tightly until tears were forced from my blinded eyes. It was obviously not the old man's hand, for all the force in his quavering voice, he just wouldn't have had that kind of strength.

"You will answer me," he swore at me. "You will tell me all before you are freed. That is why you are here," he informed me blandly.

As if I couldn't have figured that out on my own.

"What," he went on with his rant. "Did you think we merely wanted to sample your flesh? I could have any cunt in the world with my money," he crowed. "Only you have youth, and that is what I want. What I must have.

"When I saw you for the second time in my life, and knew you. Knew you! I knew you could give me such power. You could give me life. That is the price of your freedom, creature."

I could only sigh at that demand, and slowly shake my head.

I earned a powerful lashing across my bare back and ass with what felt like some kind of slender crop. The hissing sting of the device grew progressively worse as it seemed to continue unabated for hours. The beating did not stop until I had nearly passed out, tears, and likely blood, flowing freely from my ravaged flesh.

Even as I hung there, panting in pain and exhaustion, I felt the sudden surge of alien heat in my skin just before the pain turned molten, and I knew just what my captors were now seeing.

My skin, likely bruised and torn by now, was healing itself in its usual efficient manner. That was an ability I did not generally like to share with anyone. Not that I had much of a choice just then. Ah, well, I had managed to survive in secrecy for more years than I could count. I knew I was bound to be discovered eventually. I had just always hoped it would be by someone who actually cared for me though.

Tough. Welcome to reality, I chided myself bitterly as the old man cackled from nearby.

"That is….remarkable," he finally wheezed, his excitement obviously taking a toll on his well-being. "You must share this secret….this power with me," he commanded. "You will tell me how such miracles are possible. And you will tell me now."

"I can't help you," I finally spoke, my voice muffled by the hood I was wearing.

"Why not," the man almost screeched at him, his tone high and filled with desperation. Someone, I realized, was facing death, and didn't like the prospects.

"I am not what you think, old man," I told him boldly, feeling my strength return by now as my body was completely healed. "I am under a dark curse. I did nothing to earn these dubious gifts you seek.

"I once insulted the old gods," I went on before he could demand an explanation. "This is my punishment until they relent, or choose to show me mercy."

Which I knew, wasn't going to happen any time soon. The old gods were a petty lot when it came to holding grudges. I knew that all too well.

"Punishment," the old man scoffed. "To enjoy eternal youth, and heal so quickly? To take your pleasure in any sex, at any time? How can such a life be considered punishment?" I laughed bitterly. "Old fool," I blurted out. "I have buried family and friends far too many times to even want to think of trying to forge new bonds. Yet my all-too-human heart craves company. How easy do you think it is to find a soul willing to share a wife, or a husband, that is neither one nor the other?

"And when, of if you succeed, you still live with the knowledge you will watch them age and die before eyes. Every time.

"And yes, I heal. But I still feel the pain. I still suffer, and not just physically. I am cloaked with the burdens of the heart, and that pain goes on forever. Forever, old man," I was now all but shouting.

"You," I accused him, "Have at least the solace of death to end your trials. I do not."

And before he could reply, I began to weep. I might not have cried so readily then, but the sun was obviously going down. The change was upon me, I could feel it, and the female is ever an emotional creature. I must have been out longer than I had realized as I now felt the twinges in my flesh that told me the change was not far off.

I gritted my teeth against the pain I had been spared by being unconscious before dawn. A familiar, searing ache that twisted body and mind into unfamiliar shapes before gradually relaxing into a now all too familiar form gripped me, and I cried out in the agony and frustration of yet another night of life. I relaxed only gradually with a weary sigh, still dangling from the chains that supported me before this trio of fools, once more in my female flesh.

At least the manacles were somewhat looser in this body.

"Is it truly so miserable, to live your life," the old man asked me after he cleared his throat, likely still gaping at my change.

"It's part of my curse," I told him.

Yeah, I know. I've said that before. It's my mantra, I suppose.

"You are as beautiful as ever," he exclaimed. "Samuel, let her down, and remove that hood. I want to look upon her face now. Her beautiful face."

"I don't know, Mr. C.," the obviously spooked thug hesitated, not coming near her just then.

"Samuel, do you honestly think this naked woman is a match for all of us?" "Well, she is magic," the vocal hood exclaimed in genuine apprehension.

Smart guy, that Sammy.

"Samuel, do as I say," the old man spat as Nathan, standing away from her now, just snickered.

Samuel did, unlocking her manacles, and letting her drop to the cold, concrete floor before he pulled her hood off, leaving her blinking against the glare of a single bulb overhead. She looked around, saw nothing in the small, barren concrete room that reminded her of a basement storage room, and sighed.

"Thanks," I nodded as I turned to Samuel, who seemed unnerved she knew which of the two thugs he was, and asked, "I don't suppose I could have my clothes back?" "Not just yet," the withered old man in the wheelchair eyeing her replied as she cast eyes on him. An oxygen tank was strapped to his chair, and the mask dangled at his throat. That explained the extra rasp she kept hearing from him.

She could all but smell death on him. She had been right. He had one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel. Just the sort to be desperate enough to try something stupid.

"I would like a few more answers to my questions," the old man smiled like a vulture as his glittering, gray eyes raked over her naked curves with a hunger than unnerved her.

"If I can," she told him. "I will tell you anything you want to know."

"Fair enough," the man smirked. "First, if your life is so painful, why do you frequent bars in search of men in this guise?"

"I sometimes go to gay bars. Male, or female," she quipped, but sighed when he only glared at her.

"Look, I might not be looking for a relationship any longer, but I still like a little company now and then," I told him pointedly, giving him a half smile as I tried to be casual about my nakedness before the three men.

Well, two men, and one gay guy who was trying very hard not to gape at her.

"Understandable," the man wheezed, then went on with a curt nod of his head. "And if you are so disgusted with this existence, why have you not tried to end it?"

I laughed bitterly. "I have lost count of the times, and the ways, I have tried to do just that. I always wake up, alive and well. Sometimes in agony, depending on what I had tried, but always very much alive."

"Interesting," the old man cackled, looking at her like a prize specimen in his grasp. "A final question then, and I will release you."

"What," I sighed, guessing what was coming.

"How old are you," he demanded.

Okay, I didn't see that one coming. I should have, but I didn't.

"I'd guess about…..oh, eleven thousand and….something. Actually, I lost count around the first century when that prophet you call Jesus got himself crucified.

"He's dead by the way," I couldn't help adding. "The real dead."

The two thugs looked horrified. The old man I still couldn't place only looked gleeful.

"So old," he smiled hugely. "Tell me, are your gods still around? The ones that cursed you?" "You said that was the last question," I protested.

"Answer me," he spat, and I could tell what was coming now. No doubt about it.

"They still exist. They even drop by now and then to taunt me, or anyone else they feel like tormenting. It's what they do," I sighed.

"So, they are around even now," he stressed.

"I know what you're thinking," I told him. "This isn't the first time I met someone like you. I know exactly what you hope to do here."

"Do you," he asked with a cunning gleam in his dark eyes.

"You think if you can summon the gods, you can convince them to allow you to share my curse. You know you're thinking it. You're wondering even now how to repeat my offense, or something similar so they'll give you what they gave me.

"It's a stupid idea," I told him bluntly. "Trust me. It's beyond stupid."

"Understand one thing," the old man rasped now, his fury all but radiating from his twisted, aging flesh. "I'll do anything to gain your power. Anything. Do not doubt me. And until I have it, you are going nowhere."

"I knew you were going to say that," I sighed, shaking my head. "You have to understand. My curse was unique. As those others I know about were unique when they were cursed.

"Every individual suffers a blight peculiar to them alone. Each is horrendous to the person marked. That's how this works," she warned the old man.

"I do not care. I want your curse," he spat at her lividly, his gnarled hands trembling violently now.

"Then you're a fool."

"Summon your gods, or prepare to suffer more than you can imagine."

"You are mad, too," I spat, trying to back away only to back into Sam and Nate. They might not like my magic, but they obviously knew who paid them. I guess the old man paid well.

"You will summon those ancient gods, whatever they are, or you will suffer endless agonies. I will cause you such pain and misery that you may well go mad as I have your body broken again and again as I test your true limits, until you've no choice but to submit to my desires," the old man was shouting now.

Me, I was praying the old fart had a heart attack about then. No such luck. He just sucked down more oxygen, and glared at me like he was a devil in his own private hell, and I was his plaything. Not a pleasant sensation.

"You don't understand what you're asking for," I yelled back at him.

"I understand power," he shot back. "All my life I have accumulated wealth, and power. It is nothing without my youth. I lose it all when I die. But when I look at you, I see true power.

"You whine about a curse, but all I see is young, ripe flesh, and the chance to accumulate the wisdom of the ages alongside the grand wealth that is already mine. An endless life of endless power. I'll be a god myself with such power. And you will give it to me, or you will suffer just what I have promised.

"Besides, I might even humble your musty gods once I have what I desire, and grant you what you want. Wouldn't that be worth any risk you perceive," he cackled quite madly.

This guy was definitely over the wrong rainbow, and I didn't think he was coming back anytime soon.

"All right," I told him as I felt Sammy's big hands tighten on my neck at a gesture from the old man. "I won't fight you. You want this, I'll give it to you. But don't blame me if nothing happens, or worse…..if something does happen."

"Just do it," he raged, both trembling hands fisted in anticipation.

I sighed, and shook Sammy's hands off before I stepped forward and dropped to my knees on the cold concrete floor. A few suspicious stains around me made me think I wasn't the first guest to grace this small room. That meant it had just the right atmosphere to draw the gods I truly did not wish to see again in this lifetime. And as mentioned, I had a very long lifespan.

"Now," the man almost howled in his madness.

I said nothing as I dropped my head, and began to chant.

I could tell by the confusion I sensed around me that they had never heard anything remotely similar to the tongue I employed now. But then, no one had spoken this language since the year of my birth, and rebirth. Not since before Lemuria had been a world power, and ruled the globe with an iron fist. Forget all that Atlantis crap. Just a myth spawned by Plato, a pretty pretentious fellow himself. I mean, jeez, did you ever actually read that crap about his concept of reality? What an idiot!

I continued my chanting even when I felt a sudden cooling in the already cool air around me. I changed my murmurings of summons to a prayer to the gods I once mocked, and now unwillingly served. I prayed, as I ever prayed, for their grace, their mercy. Most of all, I prayed for death. Then, I told them, needlessly, of course, of the mortal fool who requested their presence.

It was a prayer they might, or might not respond to at any given time. Unfortunately for all concerned, they chose to respond.

The cool air turned frigid as unseen corridors opened around us in the small room, and I cowered on my knees as Sammy and Nate ran for a door that no longer existed. They did find a door, but I was pretty sure that as they vanished from sight, it was going to be a passage they regretted finding. I never did discover where they went, and I try very hard not to think too much about it. The old man was the bigger fool. He rolled his wheelchair toward where I still knelt on all fours now, and began to spit his vile curses, and venom at forces he could not see, nor ever begin to understand.


I kept my head down, and continued my prayers for mercy from beings that I knew possessed none. Still, I had this vain hope they might hear, or if not, that I simply wouldn't be noticed as the old man continued to hurl his bile at the divine creatures that now filled the very ether around us. Fat chance.

Worms came a sound that was not sound in a voice that was not a voice.

You dare call upon those who have no name no time no place among you on this pathetic ball of dust

I cried out again for mercy, wanting it known that I had not willingly summoned these dark gods of my own will. Even a fool such as I had once been can learn his mistake after a few thousand years.

Regrettably, they heard me. Of course, I knew by now they knew all I could ever tell them, and more.

You whom we know your penance is not yet complete

You shall remain as you are until our pleasure is satisfied

And yes, I wept all the more at those cold, soundless words ringing in my mind. How had I dared hope that perhaps this time I might finally be freed of my eternal burden? The gods had little mercy, but they did have a malice that lasted centuries.

What is this slug that dares speak to us

A worm less than a worm

You seek power

You seek youth

You seek our divine punishment for your own favor



You shall possess all you desire

We give it

We grant you life everlasting

We grant you youth eternal

Suffer as you demanded to suffer

And they were gone.

I heard a whimpering cry, and rose from my knees. What had they done to him? I had seen so many horrible things over the centuries. Some of them I had inadvertently helped bring to pass. Another aspect of my curse. My punishment. What had I done this time?

I heard them cry out a curse of youth and life. But at what cost? What penance had they impressed upon the old fool as well? Then I looked to his wheelchair, and saw him, and I knew. Not an original curse with them, but it was effective enough.

I shook my head at the tiny baby struggling among the old man's adult clothes, and shook my head. The old man had his youth, and he would never age, never die. What would become of such a child was anyone's guess. Even I had the sense to keep my head down, and duck the powers that be in this age of scientific discovery that still operated under the same principles that had driven the witch hunts of bygone days. In this time and place, some doctor would probably try slicing the poor kid up for testing to see what made him tick.

Only this baby would always heal. Always survive. The old fool had wanted life, and he had gotten it. In spades.

"I'll call someone to come for you," I told him, pretty sure his mind was still alive and well in that tiny body. How else could he suffer?

I found my own clothes in a corner easily enough, and quickly dressed. The thugs had conveniently dropped their keys near the door where they had last been seen. I picked them up, and easily found the one to open the door as I suddenly remembered the old man from a brief encounter just sixty years ago.

Hey, when you're as old as I am, you probably wouldn't have any better luck placing faces either.

But I remembered now. He had been a young, handsome soldier on his way to war. We had a brief encounter, and I sent him on his way with a few nice memories to keep him warm in those cold trenches overseas. He had been a good kid. Too bad he hadn't stayed nice.

"Maybe I will try to stop by and see you again sometime," I shot back at the kid who slouched in the wheelchair among his oversized clothes still swaddling him as he stared owlishly at me. "Maybe not," I shrugged. "After all, you did ask for this."

The baby screamed shrilly as I opened the door, and left him there. Sammy and Nate were nowhere to be found, and I had little doubt they were gone for good. From this world anyway. Whatever happened to the baby? Well, I don't really know. I know a local TV station did a piece on him a few years ago, and then he just disappeared. I figure the government has him by now.

Poor kid.

Still, I'm glad he can't talk, or they'd be looking for me, too. Meanwhile, I just mark my time, and when it's dark, I head for a local bar in the new city I had just moved to since the last one had gotten a bit too small for me.

That's another story.

Still, maybe tonight I'd get lucky for a change.

Yeah, right.