Lies you Swore

Written 9/16/09 By: Cassandra L Freiborg

My journey was not so long in years,

And yet it seems a lifetime of maddening tears.

My weathered heart cannot be cured,

My love will never be as pure.

You did not fight, instead you fell,

And left behind this empty shell,

I'm left with lips too sore to kiss,

My judgment was so sorely remiss.

And though I smile and laugh today,

By the moons rising it will surely fade.

And I will never be as strong,

No, I will never last as long.

A trust so freely given cannot bind,

To souls who are so very less than kind.

All the promises told across the land,

Seem only to be lies uttered by the damned.

My heart turns black and cold as sleet,

No love from these cockles shall you reap.

Barren chambers locked again once more,

The key swallowed by the lies you swore.