Ghetto Queens

Ah! Miss Scarlet Wedding! Definitely made of Tokyo-Zion Academy material. Loud, wild, and highly opinioned. Everyone remembers the day she came here. Oh what a day that was! It all started when Louise got an e-mail from her old friend. A smile came onto the womans face. She began chuckling to herself out loud. Anthony looked up and noticed right away. Lou sat at the computer near the window laughing out loud. The students looked up in the computer room as well. Lou didnt notice at all. She just kept on laughing.

Finally, she felt someone tap her on the shoulder. Lou stopped laughing and whipped right around. Anthony, or Tony as she called him, stood behind her. The New Orleans woman forced herself to calm down some.

Yeah? she asked.

Something funny? Tony asked her. Lou didnt answer at all. She just pointed to the screen in front of her. Tony read to himself quietly. He too found it funny, but tried to keep his laughter down to a small chuckle.

Who is this from? he asked.

An old friend, Louise replied.

And who is this old friend? Tony asked.

Scarlet Wedding, she replied. We go WAY back! Friends since high school. She just decided to send me a funny and racy e-mail out of the blue.

I see, Tony replied. Right then, Tonys wife, Patricia, walked by them and saw the screen. Her face went really pale. She gasped aloud. Lou and Tony turned at the sound of her voice. The Russian man looked at his wife kindly.

Sweetie, Tony said. This came from Lous friend, Scarlet! That didnt really help.

ANTHONY!!! Patricia screamed aloud. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING LOOKING AT PORN DURING THE DAY WITH STUDENTS IN THE COMPUTER LAB?!? Everyone looked up at that one. The boys snickered in joy at that one. The girls rolled their eyes at the little pervs.

What was that? Noiz asked as she looked up from her journalism class next door. Patricia, Tony, Lou all stood up at the sight of her face.

Nothing, Louise replied quickly. Just a funny little e-mail that an old friend over mine sent!

Its straight up porn! Patricia screamed at the same time. Noiz held up her hand right away.

Wait! Wait! Wait a minute! she called out. Im coming over there to you and one at a time, tell me whats going on! All three teachers went quiet. Noiz exited the classroom and came over next door. She looked at all of her employees one by one.

Okay, Noiz replied. Now whats going on? Patricia stepped forward.

My husband and Louise were reading some porn in front of the students! she blurted out. Noiz raised an eyebrow at that one and looked at the other two employees.

Is this true? she questioned them. Louise cleared her throat some.

My old friend, Scarlet, sent it to me, she explained. Shes coming by tomorrow. Noiz looked on at them in silence.

Keep personal e-mails to yourself, she replied. And keep it down, okay?

Okay, they all replied. Noiz went back to her class. The three teachers went back to what they were doing. Louise grinned to herself boldly. Now the fun had really begun. Scarlet should send life at the academy booming. She was to come this very afternoon! As a matter of fact, Lou sent the address right to Scarlets phone just a second ago. So, she should be here any minute now! Oh joy with the fireworks!

Speaking of which, a bus pulled up to the stop five miles away from the academy. A tall slender woman got off of the bus. She looked around annoyed. Now she remembered why she hated buses. Even in Japan, they sucked! Scarlet snorted aloud again.

That was bullshit! she said aloud. Buses are just crap wherever you go! I knew I should have taken the taxi! Scarlet looked up to see a young Japanese couple staring at her looking confused. Scarlet became even more pissed off.

AND WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!? she barked right at them. GO ON, SHOE!!! BEAT IT!!! The couple watched away nervously. Scarlet watched them leave. She calmed down some when her phone buzzed. The woman smiled to herself as she smiled and looked at it. Finally, Scarlet thought. Something good! She opened up her phone and looked at the message. A smirk came onto her face. Louise had sent her the map to Tokyo-Zion Academy. Good, were gettin somewhere here! she thought. Scarlet followed the trail on the map on Blackberry III screen.

In one minute, Scarlet had arrived. She and Louise could meet again for after so long. She looked at the building near the dark woods. All of the staff stood out at the front looking at her. Scarlet smirked to herself again. How cute! she thought. They even have a little welcoming party for me! Then, the one person she wanted to see caught her eye right away. Louise waved at her like crazy. She looked just the same as ever to her. Okay, maybe a little bit more curvier than last time. But still, just the same as ever! And that was fine with her! A huge grin came onto her face. It was all perfect now. Only one thing left to do.

Hey girl!!! Scarlet yelled out at Louise as if they were back in the old neighborhood. Whatz up? I finally decided to change jobs and come here as your mom suggested!

Sweet! Louise shouted back. Get yourself employed here and well get this fucking party started!!

Hell yeah!!! Scarlet yelled out. They shouted on like this for the next couple of minutes before Scarlet finally did decide to go inside the building with the rest of the teachers. She followed Noiz all the way to her office to get started on the job interview. The others couldnt believe it at all. They now had yet around loud-mouthed bitch on their hands. But hey, if the work got done in the end, who was to complain? So, then Scarlet joined the wild TZA family. Just like that!

Ive Got to Get Away