This is a sequal, so read "Untitled" first or you'll probably be confused. Thanks!

I thought I had known what I'd wanted. No, I had known what I'd wanted. I had been stubborn, and planted firmly in my thoughts and goals. I was so focused on my path; my thoughts so directed on the goal ahead, that I barely noticed that the road I was on. When I was finally forced to slow down, I realized that there was a fork in the road. By then, it was too late to change directions.

I tried to distract myself; pretending that the other option wasn't there, so tantalizingly close. I was never fully unaware of the alternative, and I longed for it desperately. Should I have the opportunity to go back, however, I wouldn't do a thing differently. There was nothing I could have done. The life I so longed for was closed to me, left for someone else. Life so often doesn't turn out the way we want it to, and it waits for no one.