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There was a time when I thought that everything was perfect, and that it would stay that way. I thought the friendships I'd formed were set in steel instead of clay; Strong and true instead of brittle and breakable. There was a time when I didn't know what sorrow meant. I didn't know about death. I didn't know how terrifying the world was. There was a time when I was fearless.

"There, that's better." She said as she adjusted the mushy white mess that almost could pass for being round. We stepped back and exaimened our creation. Our grins faded.

"It's awful." She sniffed a little and tried not to cry. I patted her once on the back, though I was a little offended.

"It is not." I assured her. "It just needs something." I glanced around and made my way over to a nearby tree. I jumped up and tried to reach the branches, but my hands came back empty.

"Alex!" I called to her. She wiped her eyes with her mittens quickly before turning to me. "Come here!" I directed her to kneel, then took a careful step onto her back.

"Ow!" She cried. I shushed her.

"I'm almost there." I explained. I grasped one of the branches in each hand and pulled as hard as I could. There was the sound of snapping trigs, and then I flew backward as the tree released its grip. I landed hard on my back.

"Bridge!" She crawled over to me, not getting out of her stance. "I'll get your mommy." She said, but she didn't move.

"I'm okay." I said, standing shakily. "And look." I showed her the two sticks that both forked slightly at the end. We walked back over to our creation, and I stuck them in the sides. We surveyed him again.

"He needs a face." She commented. I ran to the frozen playground. I used my mittens to dig through the compacted snow and I brought back a handful of the treasure that had been buried underneath the white blanket that covered everything. I arranged the rocks on his face, blocking her view so that she couldn't see what I was doing.

"Ooh! Yay!" She shouted, excited now. She clapped her hands. "It's perfect."

"It still needs something." I said, bringing my mittens up to my face as I considered. I stared down at my hands. "Of course!" I shouted. I yanked the mittens off of my hands and forced them onto the stick arms. I took my hand off and tried to shove it on top of the oversized, unproportional head. I tugged at my scarf, but it wouldn't budge. I motioned impatiently for her to help me, and she abliged. I could feel the cold biting at all of my newly exposed skin, but I didn't mind. I let her put the scarf on it, and then we both collapsed onto the uneven ground, exhausted.

"Perfect." I huffed.

"Perfect." She echoed. We lay down and watched the snow hit the ground, feeling it nip at our faces. The sky was bright and blue, and I could see each individual flake. They were big and beautiful. I watched the steam that came out of my mouth as I exhaled, laughing. She was laughing too. I turned on my side to face her, and she did the same.

"Don't ever leave me." She pleaded, taking off her own gloves and holding out her pinkie to me.

"I won't." I said, intwining my pinkie with hers. A set of carefully planted boots interrupted our conversation.

"What are you doing!" Alex complained, and then started crying. My cousin turned to face us as his boot once again hit our snowman and sent the snow flying everywhere. "You are the worst big-brother ever!" She bawled.

"Stop it!" I yelled. He laughed. I glanced once more at Alex, who was crying as she tried to collect my mittens from the pile of snow that was once a snowman. Her tears fell onto the snow. I ran at him.

The force of my small body hitting him was enough to get him to fall backwards, and then I was on top of him, hitting his face with my bare hands. He cowered and tried to cover his face with his hands. Alex was screaming in the background.

"Get him, Bridge! Get him!" Her voice stopped suddenly. I heard more footsteps.

"Bridget!" My mama called. "Get off of Thomas right now!" She yelled at me. I stood up grudgingly, but I didn't turn to face her. I walked over to Alex and helped her up.

"Why'd you do that?" She asked.

"I'll always protect you." I said.

"Pinkie promise?"