"Not Worthy"

By: Mollie Caliri

You've said it, everyone has, everyone has wished someone just keeled over and died. I know you have, at least once in your life you've said something like, "I wish they were dead", "The world would be better off without them", or "There are to many damn people in this world." You've deemed someone unworthy of life, be it the 'enemy', or someone you find unfit and useless. Don't feel ashamed, everyone has done it, I mean, it's only human, just another human emotion. But think about it, what if someone, something, was listening, and they heard your cry for killing… and they answered it.

This is the story of a world of wishes; wishes for blood, wishes for annihilation, wishes for death. This is the story of what happens when humans act like humans. This is the story of our future.

They arrived, or perhaps they were always here, and they just heard our calls, but whether they arrived or appeared, they came as one great horde. A sweeping black mass of hooded creatures with gleaming icy blue eyes. They spread to every populated area, no matter how isolated or crowded. Tall as your average female and average male the creatures didn't seem imposing, other than the cloaks, they blended right in. But they weren't like us… on the outside at least. They had pale soft skin and vicious jaws full of fangs. Tattoos and piercings covered them head to toe and they all wore their hair long to cover their demon eyes. But still, nobody noticed them; they flowed seamlessly into the pattern of everyday life. They didn't eat, nor sleep, nor drink nor stop walking, they just walked and walked, followed random people and then switched to others; madly searching for something we could not see. They had very acute hearing and sharp eyesight, far better than our own, and they used these heightened senses to track, whatever it was they were tracking.

Then one day these creatures stopped moving, the females and the males, no matter where they were located, they stopped. It was then each creature, at the exact same moment grinned and removed his or her hood. Some people noticed but nobody did anything about it, so the weird creatures stopped moving, that's not going to hurt anyone. Or so the humans thought. Besides these creatures didn't come to hurt anyone, they came to help everyone, and they would help everyone, because they were about to fulfill the world's wishes. Like a genie each creature had a certain wish, a certain scent, to pick up, a visible scent that each human gives off. The scent of hatred.

Each creature stood like a statue, waiting for an invisible signal to fulfill the wish of his or her human. And then, as if some greater power sent an electrical current through each creature, they all began to shriek. But the humans, they barely noticed, some jumped, some gave dirty looks and others ignored these shrieking banshees. But the creatures, they were charged with hatred and soon even their eyes were spilling out smoky anger. Every cloak, of every creature broke at the same moment, and demons emerged. They grew horrendous wings, and vicious claws and then each gave out a distinct howl to the sky, initiating the cleansing, ordered by the very people being cleansed of life.

The worst was that it happened in waves. Each creature that had the assignment to kill "that dirty homeless scumbag" flew off into the air, snapping its jaws and landing upon its victim like a leopard onto its lame prey. And so, the entire homeless population was wiped out in most terrible ways. Some were shot, others were stabbed, others were forced to die slow and horrible deaths, but again we have not the creatures to blame, but ourselves.

Then the next wave flew off to destroy "the dirty foreign army we care not about." The world's military force was taken down, and taken down like they would in war. They were blasted apart with machine guns, torn to shreds by grenades, blown to pieces by rockets, tortured and tormented in ways prisoners of war so often are or simply shot in the back. The demons grinned and smothered their muzzles in the hot crimson liquids, staining their jaws and chin. The more you looked at these creatures, the more they looked like regular humans with wings and claws, ready to kill. Blood soon washed the streets and lands of the world; there was simply too much blood, too much death, and not enough space.

Then the carnage stopped for but a moment, each creature that already did his deed went to his kill and shoved his claws within the corpse. Pulling and tearing, each creature grabbed his or her kill's heart. Then, as if they were trying to prove to their 'masters' how loyal they were, they flew to the human they were granting a wish for, if they were alive, and gave that human the heart of the person they killed.

Oh you'd think people would realize by now, what was going on, but they simply cringed and threw the heart to the blood infested ground and ran for 'safety'. The hearts grew cold and just became litter upon the ground. Fools humans are, they truly are such fools. The creatures just frowned and sat where their 'master' left them.

Now, the creatures that had not yet fulfilled their requests flew off to do so, slowly, making sure they killed the world population slow and steadily. The horrid creatures were catching children, and it was children the creatures wanted to kill the slowest. Why? Because when a person wishes for a child to die they have more anger than imaginable and so the creatures are just that much more twisted and evil. So the creatures would scoop up these children and stare them in the eyes. The children would stare back; their young eyes watching the smoking icy blue eyes tear through their souls. The children, be they two or eighteen, wouldn't know how to react to these flawless yet horrible creatures and so were subject to their fierce and terrible ways. Each child was slaughtered slow and ultimately destroyed. Faces were smashed in, massive jaws tore bodies, and blood flowed from their young corpses like wine from a broken glass. Necks were slashed, skin was tattered and bones were broken. The creatures stood on all fours on top of these once youthful humans and chomped through chests to consume the young hearts. Young hearts are of course, the tastiest to these creatures.

Oh how the blood flowed over everything, and oh how the skies were filled with screams. Those still alive were the unluckiest, for they had to watch as their own actions stamped out the world. And, when the population dwindled, it became slower torture. Only one or two people would be killed each day, so the suspense on who would die next, continued to grow, and humans everywhere became crazy. The creatures relished and relaxed in the pools of blood and nibbled on the corpses for food.

I'm one of the last one's left, and with my luck, I assume I will be the last one to die. I've already received my heart, so that unlucky person, who I hated so much, is actually luckier than I am right now. That person is dead, no longer allowed to dream, but me, oh I can dream, I can dream, and every dream of every second, is a nightmare, a hellish and awful nightmare.

I walk outside and there's a corpse staring me in the eyes, its eyeballs are gone, its skin hangs like tattered clothes, and the smell… oh the smell. The smell of death, so near, yet so far. I wish they'd kill me now! I see two creatures, a boy and girl, they're staring at me, growling and grinning. They walk over to me, sniffing the air circling about me. One gently licks my cheek and the other lays a hand on my shoulder. Have they come for me? Oh please say they've come for me!

But what… what if someone didn't wish me to die… no that's silly... I mean really now…. Someone, somewhere wished me dead. Someone, somewhere, wished the whole world dead. And that's exactly what happened. Because… we're all 'not worthy' of life in someone's eyes.