"Mommy is that you?"

By: Mollie Caliri

A bone cold sensation runs up your arm, staring from your fingertips and ending at your shoulder. You clench that arm to you and shiver, trying your best to regain warmth. Somehow you had let your friends drag you out on a chilly winter's eve, so you could goof off in the nearby forest. You didn't know much of what their intentions were, you also didn't really care, you were just happy to be out, you are a teenager after all. You feel the wet soil beneath your feet, damp due to the recent misting. The remaining snow hung on the trees like ghostly sheets. The farther you marched down the path the more the trees seemed to shift into demonic forms, they're branches now claws, beckoning you to come further.

Finally you reached your destination, and you had figured you'd end up here, you just hadn't wished to jump to conclusions. A clearing greeted them, with stones and stumps circled in the middle. A bubbling creek, frosty with ice, ran nearby, it's sounds calming to the ear. Your dear friend Brian offers up beers for all, and so begins your night of partying. Twenty beers later, that is spread out between four people, you were all bouncing around like lunatics. Your friend Stacey knocks you down to the ground, fumbling in her stupor. Lily and Darren look on with a confused sort of excitement, since at this point none of your brains were functioning correctly. You stare up at Stacey's sleek figure and whistle nonchalantly and even though you both no it's wrong, you start to make out. Lips locking, tongues twisting, voices moaning, hands exploring, friends goading you on. Neither of you are going to remember it anyways. While you two groan and giggle, Lily and Darren drool and cheer over the naughty scene. Well actually Darren is doing a little more than drooling, his hand is down his pants, but that's not important. You and her had twisted your legs around each other, striving to rip each other's tops off when it happened. Someone, somewhere, was also watching. "Mommy is that you?"

All four of you stopped whatever you were doing, or whom you were doing in your case. The voice had been loud enough to carry over your chatter but it had also been whisper like when it hit your ears. Something else was weird about it, because at first it had sounded like a young child, but there was something eerie about it's tone.

You and Stacey stumble to your feet, fixing your scruffy hair and messed up clothes. Darren slipped his hand out and wiped it on a tree, I'm sure the tree disliked that. All four of you looked around, calling out for whosoever had just talked to them.

"Hello?" Lily called out, and it was then, the mysterious entity answered. "Yes? Mommy? Where are you?" the bushed rustled and the sodden ground crunched and slopped under the entity's feet. A little girl, no more than 7, appeared in her nightgown, a beautiful doll clutched in her right hand. The girl's hair was blonde and radiated like sunlight, while her eyes glimmered with impressive frost blue. You stare at Darren and the others, who stare back at you, all in awe and confusion as to what to do.

"Um sweetheart, your mommy isn't here but I'm sure we can help you find her…" Stacey began to say, but the little girl dropped her head.

"No you can't…" her young voice cracked with sadness.

"Oh darling, of course we can, come here, you must be freezing from this cold…" you say and start to approach the tiny figure. Her pale skin and slender build made her seem weak and vulnerable in this large, dark forest. The little girl's fist clenched tighter around the doll as she emitted a very low growl.

"Uh you might not want to do that…" Darren reached out trying to grab your shoulder but you just brushed his hand away. As you turned back to face the child she was closer to you now, staring up into your eyes, fuming with anger.

"None of you are my Mommy, and none of you can help me find her." The little girl smiled. "But you can entertain me. Mommy said to never talk to strangers, but she didn't say anything about playing with them." Then the little girl disappeared.

Lily, Stacey, Darren and yourself huddled together, freaking out, screaming and shaking. "What the fuck was that about?" snapped Lily.

"Oh man maybe we're so drunk we're hallucinating." exclaimed Stacey.

"Then how would all four of us see it?" Darren asked.

You knew you guys were all drunk, but you also knew that you have all been drunk before and none of you had ever hallucinated. That when the little girl returned. This time right at Stacey's side, holding Stacey's hand.

"Let's play…" hissed the little girl, her eyes darker now, and her smile to wide for her face.

You, Darren and Lily run for it, a drunken run of desperation. But when Stacey tries to move, the little girl pulls back, and keeps Stacey prisoner. It was all to clear this little girl was not innocent at all; a demonic spirit possessed her. Stacey screamed as the little girl knocked her over with a wave of her hand. Summoning some otherworldly power the little girl called up the nearby vines to wrap around Stacey's neck. Thorns dug into Stacey's soft skin and the vines squeezed her veins and nerves. Soon Stacey's sobs were chocked out by the strength of the vines and was killed in a most blood curling way. Those vines tightened around Stacey's neck, slowly ripping through her jugular vein, causing blood to squirt out everywhere. The little girl then had her way with the corpse, redesigning Stacey to fit into the young girl's twisted "collection".

Due to stumbling and a drunken blur, you were separated from your friends. You kept on running, striving to survive. But your friends were not as lucky as you; the young girl soon tracked them.

Darren tripped and tumbled, landing face up in the murky forest. The little girl, her skin now deteriorating back to a bruised state, and her eyes frosting over with a milky glaze, appeared over Darren laughing as a young girl would. She whistled and waved her little hand as a thunderous collection of squeaks and squeal rang through the night. Rodents of the forest, black rats with a terrible stench, crawled over Darren and began to bite and nip at him, tearing him apart piece by piece, making him bleed like a clean cut pig. Flies swarmed the body of Darren, snuggling themselves into his flesh and blood, laying their maggoty eggs in it's warmth. Again the little girl grinned and went to work, perfecting her next addition.

Lily had been watching from the bushes, hoping the little girl wouldn't find her. The little girl did her work, and it's gory nature caused Lily to puke, vomit dribbling down Lily's soft cheek. The little girl disappeared from Lily's sight, only to appear right behind Lily, laughing sarcastically.

The little girl raised her hand to the sky and pointed it at Lily's neck. Lily clutched her neck with a shocked force. Something within her was causing her immense pain. Organs pulsated and blood rushed. Lily opened her mouth as her stomach heaved. She vomited, a concoction of blood, stomach acid, and whatever had been left in there to digest. But the vomiting didn't stop there; soon Lily was coughing up chunks of muscle and organ. She was puking her organs out. One by one, ligament and sinew ripped, so that Lily could vomit more; a smiley, gooey, wretched mess. Soon she was covered in her own upchuck and blood, and dead from loss of organs. The little girl sang a wicked little song as she fixed up Lily. "One more to go, and the collection's complete."

You had run very far, but to where you had no idea. You saw the babbling brook ahead, and you ran over to it, stopping at the banks and kneeling, you splash the cool, clean water on your face. You shouldn't have stopped, it was a poor choice, you should have kept running. A little hand lands on your shoulder and you freeze in fear. The little girl cackled and pushed you down to the mud. She summons more vines to bind your feet and hands so you can't move, only writhe in the muck.

"Your friends made beautiful additions to my collection," she raises her right hand and you stare at that doll. "My doll approves of her new friends…" Just then you see your three friends rise from the darkness. All of them have been dolled up, sewed and stitched, redesigned and perfected, given glass eyes and unshifting smiles. Stacey and Lily looked like porcelain dolls that had been left in an attic to build up dust. But Darren, my god he looked terrible. He was sewn in many places thanks to the rats and he had been given white makeup so he'd look like the girls. The little girl had also added red checks and a red nose, and yes, mop like hair. She had made your once best friend since toddler years, into a filthy raggedy boy doll.

They crawled over to you, those glass eyes forever staring at you; dragging themselves through the mud. You whimper and cry out, just wanting to escape but you can't. You're trapped. There's nothing you can do. You're helpless, a human's most feared feeling.

You feel their slimy hands crawl over you, life-sized dolls, all three terribly familiar, running their dead fingers over you. They tilt their heads awkwardly and move like puppets. You scream harder, and they begin to laugh at you. Clawing into your skin they rip and grasp you, wanting you to join them in the collection. Lily and Stacey play with your hair, their faces unable to change while the always-smiling ragged creature, Darren, crawls over you with a knife in his teeth. He makes small cuts in you while the girls stitch you back up, like it was a game.

You stare up at the little girl again, her blonde hair is covering her eyes but you can see her smile, he black decayed smile. You see blackened blood drip down her checks, and as she raises her head you see it's flowing now, from those once gorgeous blue eyes. Why is it that young girls and boys can scare us so easily, what is it about them being evil that's more frightening than adults. Perhaps it is the fact that youthfulness is supposed to indicate innocence and that when you take away young innocence you are left with the blackest evil. Perhaps, but I'm not sure we'll ever know. But you, you cringe and cry, not being able to withstand the demonic presence of the little girl, the doll in her hand now a tool of witchcraft. Her soft hair bounces as she raises a thin hand to her lips, one finger laid over them, trying to tell you to be quiet. Her left eye is hidden in shadow and blood but her right eye stares at you unblinkingly; it's crstalyzed blue charm ripping into your soul. You scream louder and the little girl pounces, joining her dolls in tearing you apart as you writhe in the muck.

Just before you die, with the last glimpses of the world you see a morose adult appear behind the little girl. A frown plastered on her pale face, a face quite like the little girl's, the woman speaks. "Darling what did I tell you about playing nice with your friends…" The undead mother bent down and placed a hand on the little girl's shoulder.

"I can only play with them if I let you play too… sorry mother…" The little girl and her mother stared at you simultaneously, the dolls surrounding you and holding you down, a sweeping cackle of terror flew through your ears and you died under their torture.