Swim at Your Own Risk

By: Mollie Caliri

Sarah was a lovely girl, a blonde sweetheart. Or so she seemed. She enchanted every male she met and won the jealousy of every female she encountered. Her house was grand in size and her backyard was a fantasyland. When you stepped out into you were greeted by the sweet aroma of honeysuckle and the gentle soothing of the sun's heat. Birds chirped and flowering plants thrived in the moist soil. And sitting there, in the middle of that gorgeous garden was a pool of sparkling blue waters and shimmering allure. It was very large in size and got very deep, perfect for Sarah, as she was a swimmer by heart. It was a house you dreamt of, inhabited by the girl of your dreams. Or at least it was during the day.

Sarah's newest boyfriend, or perhaps boy toy would be a more fitting name, was Ryan. Ryan was a striking young man, well built, slender and kempt. He smiled and embraced Sarah lovingly as he saw her. He kissed her lightly on the head and looked down into her eyes.

"Hello sunshine. I've missed you dearly, we haven't seen each other for a few days now, it was like a part of me was missing and I was left broken. But seeing you heals me." She smiles and playfully hits him aide.

"Save your poetry for English class you silly boy. I missed you too!" She hugs him again, snuggling deep into his chest to hear the thudding of his young heart. She lays her ear directly over the skin-caged heart, it's beating like a lullaby. Fascinating things hearts are, so small, yet so vital, the symbol of life and love, filled with life's warm liquids.

Ryan smiles and grabs hold of your sides, "So what are your plans darling? You said you had some, and I'm interested as to why you had me bring my bathing suit. I assume we're going swimming out back?" Sarah grins and clutches her hands about Ryan's neck.

"That we are, but not until a little later. First let's just talk and cuddle, how's about it dear?" Sarah's gorgeous eyes motion to the couch. Ryan lights up and nods, walking her over and sitting her down next to her, wrapping around her.


And that's just what the two little love birds did, they talked and talked and talked, until two hours had passed and the sun was gone below the horizon, dusk had settled in and the house seemed to shift. Shadows crept around every corner, edges became sharp and unwelcoming, the house was dark and sickening, the old wood moaning and creaking as night slunk through. Sarah smiled and the light of the den caught her face in a demonic fashion, her eyes lurid with hellish thoughts. She rose to her feet and extended a warm hand towards Ryan.

"Come, let's get changed." Sarah headed to her room to get into her bathing suit while Ryan headed towards the bathroom to change into his. They both emerged in colorful suits, blue and green, like that of changing waters. Ryan caught Sarah up I his strong arms and kissed her gently, "You looking stunning tonight, not that you don't usually." Sarah grinned and kissed him back as they headed out back, hand in hand.

The outside had changed too, the flowers had curled up within their shelters and the smell of soil hung pungent in the air. The calming birds of the morning had gone to sleep, but the shifty predators of the night had awakened. Murmurs of there evil fluttered through the trees as the trees whispered stories of the dead to one another. The wind chuckled and hissed at the foolish lovers out tonight. The moon was snickering in lust. Twas a night of mischief.

Sarah sat herself down at the edge of the pool, Ryan joining her by her side. Their feet dangled under water causing ripples to form outwardly from their skin. Ryan leapt in and held out his arms, "Come on, let's swim." Sarah jumped into his arms, splashing down into the water, colliding with his wet chest. They swam around, hand in hand, dancing through the water like nymphs. They continued this serine play for quite sometime before Sarah lead Ryan towards the deeper end of the pool.

"Ryanwell, darling, I love you, truly I do. But the trouble with love is it ends, just like life, it ends. Mortal love is foolish, for nothing mortal lasts forever. Are hearts all run out eventually, out of oxygen, out of blood, out of life, out of love, and then we die. But in death, things go on forever. Love goes on forever. So I'm sorry Ryan, but for us to keep on in love, you must die."

Ryan stared dumbfound at Sarah, and then he laughed, a weak, desperate laugh. "You can't be serious?"

"Oh but I am Ryan, I am. And now you will join all my other friends and lovers, join them in their watery grave, and join me in eternity." Sarah grinned and the water glowed a fierce green color, as if an otherworldly blaze had been set to the crystal clear waters, a white ice breaking over the sides to cover the blue pool. A moan sounded from the depths as vague, faint ghosts arose in the waters. The dead of the waters circled Ryan as he swam frantically back to the shallow end, but was stopped by the force of the dead around him. He stood now, so only his head and shoulders lay naked to the air as the wind picked up and howled an ancient tune. Sarah's eyes glowed green with twisted power as she approached her love. Sarah giggled and sadistic giggle, and laid her dripping hand upon Ryan's shoulder.

Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink ;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

Sarah sang her ghostly tunes to Ryan, her eerie voice turning the water ice cold. Ryan shuddered and shivered as the dead tickled his ankles and Sarah drew closer and closer in cold lust for sick love.

The very deep did rot : O Christ !
That ever this should be !
Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs
Upon the slimy sea.

The dead grew more vibrant now, splashing in and out of the water like rotting fish, groaning as they circled Ryan. He could make them out now, all young teenagers, male and females. Sarah wasn't lying; these really were her old friends.

About, about, in reel and rout
The death-fires danced at night ;
The water, like a witch's oils,
Burnt green, and blue and white.

The fires of the water churned even thicker, aggravating the dead as they waltzed about the waves, circling and clawing at Ryan, clinging and groping at Sarah. Sarah laughed wickedly. "Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, I believe you've heard of it. Wonderful poem, truly wonderful." One spirit reached out of the water, climbing up Sarah in and undead stupor. Sarah grinned and faced the corpse smiling and kissing it on its cold, mucky cheek. "Such miraculous creatures the undead, so much easier to understand than the living. So much easier to get along with." She pushed the corpse off back to the waters. Ryan felt the water around him grow slimy with death, hands wrapping around his legs to restrict movement.

Sarah moved towards the pool wall, grabbing something imbedded in the ice that melted at her touch. She held a small ritual knife in her hands, and licked the blade seductively. "Well Ryan, it's been fun, see you on the other side."

Sarah circled Ryan swimming, running her fingers over his bare back. She stood in front of him, licking his face sadistically. Sarah took her blade and laid it gently on Ryan's neck. Kissing him one last time Sarah dug the knife in and sliced across Ryan's neck with one fluid motion. His blood spurted over her and into the pool. Sarah grinned and licked the blood from the knife, while the dead pulled Ryan down beneath the waves. They tore him to bits; filling the waters with slimy chunks of death and rot, blood seeping through the grimy waters. Each soul sunk their nails into Ryan's skin like razors. Sarah dived under and washed off the blood, grinning as Ryan's spirit was churned through the waves and tortured by the souls that already inhabited the waters. Ryan would be one of hers soon, one more lover she can keep forever, one more source of wicked pleasure.

As Sarah departed from the pool the souls began to vanish, the blood faded and the fiery hell that once inhabited the pool dispersed, taking Ryan's corpse with it. Sarah sighed and blew a kiss to the waters. "I love you my darlings."

Sarah heard a doorbell ring and wrapped a towel around her, stepping daintily into her flip-flops. She walked through her slumbering house and opens the old oak door smiling. "Hello Lily, come on in." Lily grins waving at Sarah and hugging her.

"So I'm guessing we're going swimming tonight or something?" Lily wagged her hand in front of Sarah, referring to the bathing suit. Sarah laughed and nodded in agreement.

"That we are, the water's fine." Sarah smiled as Lily walked out to the pool. Sarah's hand lay to the side of Lily's neck. Looks like Ryan will have a friend.