Muddy Malevolence

A silent stroll through the river marsh in your backyard with a handsome young lad at dusk seems like a great idea. But soon Laura would learn that it wasn't a good idea at all. And as they made their way down her father's dock, Rachel dragging Chris along as he laughed, they looked back to the civilized world for the last time. They sat on the docks edge and threw themselves down to the shallow water, and went splashing off. The moon glowed with an orangey-red intensity; it was the most magnificent harvest moon in years. But had one looked closely and concentrated it seemed like blood ran over its alien surface as the stars danced and snickered at Rachel and Chris as they continued on. They made their way to small clearing in the muddy grasses and there they stood, facing each other, holding hands, staring into each other's eyes lovingly. If only they had known so many other eyes were watching them, horrible yellow, decayed old eyes. And attached to those eyes, were the bodies of very hungry creatures, the marsh people.

The wind whispered through the tall grass and the breeze swept past Laura and Chris, carrying an awful smell. It was a stench so strong they both began to cough and cover their mouth. It was so weird, like nothing one could ever imagine; like a mixture of old blood and strong sweat, like urine and vomit, like cold dead flesh and warm thick mud. It was gut wrenching and heart stopping, and it came from all around them, from those creatures watching Laura and Chris. They smelt like this for one reason, this was their home and they had no modern things so it was here they ate, slept, urinated, vomited, bled, died, and killed.

As Chris clutched Laura close to him and she sought shelter in his chest and mumbled to him for comfort. But his green glazed eyes were fixed on what he saw watching him. They fluttered in and out of fear as the yellow eyes of a snarling, drooling, human-like creature stood, barely shadowed in the grasses. The creature was covered in mud up to his knees and blood stained his hairy arms and claws. It was naked but very hairy, almost like a primate, and its chest was flat and muscular. Its face was muddy and only the gleam of his monstrous fanged jaws could be seen. Otherwise it just looked human, standing at around five feet tall, with pointed ears. Judging by certain features you could tell it was male, and by the drool sloping down it's mouth and neck, hungry. As Chris looked around he counted roughly twenty of these creatures watching them, and Laura began to weep. The mist trickled in around them, encasing them in an otherworldly fog.

"Wh-wha-what do you.. you.. you want?" Chris's voice trembled faster than his body as fear consumed him slow and painfully. Laura was frozen in Chris's grip as she stared blankly at the grinning monsters. One of the creatures stepped forward; he seemed older than the rest and had gray hair. He must have been to chief since he held a long branch with a sharp point and had a tattoo of two slashes and an open jaw in the middle. As he raised his left hand up slowly, mud drizzled off it and the brute Chris had seen first appeared to the chief's side. The brute grinned and nodded, snarling him came closer to the quivering couple.

"Kill" he rasped out in a long, dragged out moan. The creatures advanced and even though Chris and Laura lashed out wildly they were soon pulled to the mud and slowly torn at by long nails and sharp teeth. But in an instance, only two remained over Laura and Chris. The brute was pinning Laura down with his arms and legs and a female, most likely the highest ranking one, was holding down Chris. The brute stroked Laura's face, his muddy fingers spoiling her flawless skin. He grinned and groped her as she screamed and cried. Chris struggled, but these creatures were too strong, and could not be moved. The brute nodded to the female who rolled out her foul and slimy tongue to lick Chris face and clean up his blood. And then the creatures flocked around Chris, grabbed him and held him upright, to watch as the brute tortured Laura. The brute dug his jaws into her shoulder and tore at her flesh, chunks of bloody muscle flying through the air as the brute's mouth acted like a chainsaw. Her tore off her right arm completely and threw it to the others who cleaned it to the bone. Laura screamed and cursed and cried, louder and louder, but the brute only bit deeper and deeper. Soon her neck was a bloody mess of flesh and loose skin. Carrion beetles and filthy maggots crawled over the brute, waiting for their turn at her body. And as the brute tore her head apart and other creatures came to dine on her remaining limbs and torso, the brute let the bugs around him feed till they burst.

Chris was roaring with sadness and fear, his eyes were now sess pools of anger. The mud was getting thicker and they were sinking into its slimy blackness. The brute made his way over to Chris and bared his jaws where Laura's flesh hung from. Chris growled and tried to get loose so he could destroy this beast, but he couldn't get free. He was screaming at the creatures, "WHY! Why did you kill her! Why are you doing this! WHAT ARE YOU!" but no matter what they didn't answer. He figured the only word they knew was 'kill', for it was the only one they had said. When he looked down to cry he saw worms and the bugs that had fed on Laura wriggling their way over to them. He winced and muttered to himself, "Ugh… I hate bugs." The brute tilted his head and a smile creaked and crawled over his muddy face. As he rose his hands and made a clicking noise with his mouth, his skin began to bubble and pop, holes opened up and thousands of worms and maggots crawled out. They slimed their way down his arms and the brute grabbed at the shoulders of Chris so the bugs could swarm him. Chris screamed and shook as the brute tilted his head again and looked as though he was ready to vomit. And he did, but this puke contained not only chunks of Laura but large vicious worms with pincers incased in their mouths. And to make matters worse, the brute had laid his lips over Chris's to let him filthy vomit out in Chris's mouth. The chief looked on with a wild look on his face and the other creatures started to tear of Chris's flesh and eat. The bugs ran over him like a river and the worms in his throat made their way to his stomach to eat Chris from the inside out. Every inch of Chris hurt and tingled and he writhed as he was eaten alive. His eyes were getting lighter and cloudier by the second and blood gushed from every vein as he slowly died beneath the creatures.

As the mud swallowed them all and the grasses swayed as they sunk under it became apparent how perfect the setup was. These creatures killed all they wanted but as the bodies sank in the mud, down to its most putrid depths, the investigators would blame the deaths on quick sand. These creatures would never be found and the truth would never be known. And as Chris took his final breath of life he wondered one thing, was a date really worth all this?