Summer in New Orleans

Chapter One: Noiz Kidnapped!

The harsh smell of cigarettes bitch-slapped Noiz wide awake in the morning. Sure, she was used to the smell, but this was too much. Plus, Aiko Suite never smelled like cigarettes. That only led to one thing

The kitty jerked awake and looked all around her. Just as she thought, this wasnt Aiko Suite. In fact, she doubted that this was Sakura Ai Palace. Noiz suddenly began to think that she wasnt even in Japan anymore either. So, where was she now?

Oh good, youre awake! the cat heard someone say. Noiz jerked her head up right away. Louise stood in the doorway grinning at her. She had a freshly lit cigarette in her neatly manicured hands. Noiz became even more bewildered at the sight of her. Okay, things just got a little weirder. The kitty blinked at her once.

Louise? she asked. What are you doing here? Where are we exactly? Her employee grinned at her.

My room! she replied. I kidnapped you here from Japan and took you all the way to New Orleans! Noiz stared blankly at her still.

What? she asked. Louise sat on the bed grinning at her. Okay, time to explain the whole situation some.

Do you remember when we had our little party in Japan yesterday? she asked. Noiz thought hard about that one.

Yeah, she replied slowly. What about it? Louise tried her best to keep herself from laughing. Here came the part that Noiz would scream her head off at her.

Well, I slipped a little something in your sake and kidnapped you all the way to New Orleans as a little prank! the older woman replied.

Drugged me with what? Noiz asked her. Louise grinned harder to herself to keep from laughing.

GHB! she announced out loud. It all sank into Noizs head slowly. Rage finally came into her eyes.

You bitch! the cat cried out. She tried to attack her employee, but found her body still a little heavy and slower from last night. It all made it easier for Louise to see her movements and stop them right away. Noiz glared at her coldly. Louise smiled at her wickedly.

Ah, ah, ah! she said aloud. No attacking the caretaker! Still a little weak from the GHB, I see. Just stay down for a while and youll be fine! Noiz glared at her coldly.

You cant do this to me, you hussy! she hissed at her.

I just did, Lou replied.

I could have you fired and arrested for this! Noiz cried out again.

Its a good thing were in New Orleans during the summer and not in Japan, right? her employee challenged. Noiz looked away annoyed. She had a valid point there. Louises face lit up right away as if she just remembered something. The older woman petted and grabbed by the head. She turned her face right to her.

Ah yes, she replied. Youre also not in control while were on vacation here! I am! And Ill be trying care of everything, but you have to have your own money ready if you want to by personal little things. Also, you will look like an American, not a Japanese otaku! Plus, you will not be calling anybody to come and save you. Any complaints during your stay will result in us staying longer. Hell, we can stay here until Christmas if I wanted. So, be a good little kitty girl and do as Ms. Wilcox requires of you and youll have a fun time in New Orleans! Are we clear? Noiz glared at her coldly again. Lou just smiled at her brightly.

Ill take that as a yes! she replied. The older woman let go of Noizs wrist and head. The kitty plotted onto the bed so suddenly. Louise got up off of the bed and began walking away.

Now get up and get dressed! Breakfast is waiting on the table for you downstairs! she called out to the hostage over her shoulder. And no mumbling something ugly under your breath, I will add on days for that as well! I will be listening close if that occurs. So, have a happy attitude when you come down! Louise slammed the door behind her. Noiz stared on in heated shock and anger. Louise had drugged her, took her from the academy, got her into a taxi cab to the airport, flown her out of the country, held another taxi here, and stuffed her into her old bedroom. Or so the story goes. Noiz fell back into bed stressed. How the hell did she let this happen? Well, shes here now and cant do anything about it. Just grin and bear for the whole month. Damn it! Not how she wanted to spend her summer break this year!

Downstairs, Louise grinned at her little successful prank. She had kidnapped her boss with no one noticing or problems popping up. Just tell everyone that youre friend is just passed out from partying all night and that you and her are just going home for the summer. No questions will be asked at all after that. Its just that simple. And just to keep it that simple

Louise whipped out her Iphone and scrolled through her phone list. She came to the number that she wanted. The woman pressed the call option and put the phone to her ear. She waited for a few moments. Lou didnt expect him to pick up right away.

Robs phone, Im not in at the moment. Leave a message, the voice mail answered. The woman grinned to herself boldly. Perfect! she thought. Everything played in her favor this morning.

I have ya precious little wifey with me in New Orleans! Louise said aloud to the voice mail. Dont bother trying to come and get her! Ill return her when school starts! Shell be fine! You have a good summer! Love ya! Bye-bye! She hit the right buttons after that and hung up. With that out of the way, the whole New Orleans summer could begin.