Written by Rachel

Author's note: This was a brochure, we had to create in AP World History convincing people to go to Constantinople.

Constantinople, constantly counting your blessings.


This is rome or what use to be it. The geography is near to the sea. The black and mediterranean is around us, and everything here is pretty sweetly placed.
We have traders going through both ways, and we could easily be rich. We also have many gorgeous buildings. We have tradeing coming in so we get a little of everything. We are not far from greece. Greek things make up some of our culture.


Our politics and economics are run mainly by the cause of trade and the influence of the Greek economy. We are a pretty rich place over all. Our economics are good, and we know where we are going. The seaport helps us flourish in trade, and gets us more trade items, which makes people richer. Merchants gain the money. We buy and sell. That's the key to riches. Our most influential trade route is the one in the mediterranean. This helps us as it's quite large covering
Africa, the rest of Europe, and Asia. We import many things such as silks, gold, slaves, and spices. We export glass or other things. The trade is influential as it carries religion and ethics.


We are both Roman and Greek. We are Roman yet we speak Greek. We eat greek foods, and we know greek things. Our religion is Greek Orthodox, and Roman Catholic.
The Greek Orthodox combines religion with Aristotles ideas. The other one is solely religion. We disagree with each other, so we split up. The haigiasophia
is a very important religious monument. We have to say that it represents life after death. Not in spirits, Gods, and Goddesses, but in the christian sense.
The grey outside means that you have an unhappy grey life, and then if you do right you make it into heaven. It's grey and not good outside, but it's awe
inspiring inside. It's amazingly beautiful. This shows people what life could amount up to, and gives the motives for them to live as such. The Christian belief is just that.


There is one ruler who is the preast and governer. Justinian, the last emperor, decided he wanted something back, thus he conquered Byzantine, caused deathly chaos, killed many, and then abandon his gains. Justinian was advised by Lady Theodora, who is a very wise ruler.