Why innocent children, how lovely a visit.

This isn't consented by thine Guardian, is it?

Now focus thine eyes on this twisted tree

Whilst I tell a mythical tale to thee.

This fruit is sublime, of that I'm avowed

But you couldn't have it, you're not allowed.

Thou poor creature, oppressed and deceived

Allow me this rhetoric, adroitly conceived.

I'll reveal all my knowledge whilst adding some mystery

A perfidious story with lacings of sophistry.

But shunned are accounts spread through a forked tongue

Unless thou recant all truths that thou hast clung

Confide in me dear, and please don't deny,

With such a harsh rule wouldst thou really comply?

Thou mayst think Him now to be gentle and fair,

Just wait till He hears of this candid affair.

But wait! Take heed before thou leave

I have but one more trick up my sleeve.

What if I told thee of hidden potential?

A cosmic conspiring, a reward confidential.

An often confusing, and marvelous story

A path to follow to God's power and glory.

Heed my advice and have glory forever

But think it not as a selfish endeavor.

Wisdom and might beyond the joy He alleges

Can all be thine if thou cast off thine pledges.

All heavens power, will soon be thine own

To raise thyself up and establish a throne.

Living forever, so highly exalted

Never assuming you dreams could be faulted

So turn a blind eye and forsake thee thy loyalty.

Escape from the bondage and make thyselves royalty.

Seated on high with power to infinity

Chase arrogant whims and pursue thy divinity

Follow the rules of selfish ambition

Burden thyselves with dark superstition

Listen to me, and like Him thou could be.

Open mind and mouth and I'm sure thou shalt see

This story I tell thee is nothing but true,

Aside the forked tongue, would I lie to you?