SE Asia

Written By Rachel

S Syncretism because of the silk road, and the spread of things so there is much acculturation, which helps the blending of many places, which creates a
sense of unity.

E economics changes as in trade as it gets more popular, so new things and more thing spreads down it, such as islamic and hindu traditions, but it also continues in some of the items they trade such as silks from China and spices.

A asian culture as a lot of it is religion, which changes as most of it was Hinduism along with buddhism, but with the introduction of Islamic ideas it all changes, and government, because of the caste system, which stayed, as it spreads out more expansively, while the religion blends

S social as in the popularity of the caste system as it was not so popular before, but then it got that way, and some things stayed the same such as some of the religions and the customs.

I Islamic spread widely as time goes on and on.

A all this makes the postclassical era.