An Ode To The Supreme Objectivist

Such ideas

Such good ideas

of freedom
of individualism

of capitalism

and how precious and usable

Yes, an egoist who will stop for no man and no man's mercy

what a beauty

how great

however much I should like to argue,

I will still love the ideas

different like silver jades instead of green

like a bright jewel in the sky.

Oh Ayn Rand

The person who worships "I."

The egoist

it's like a light in the dark dank world

sniggering and jeering at mediocrity

rich and success

ajem in the pile of rocks.

A person who endured

the poverty of Russia

Came and told the truth

Speaking of morality

speaking for human life

Speaking out!

Oh shining like the heavens

shining like the sun

a golden sun and pure

how lovely!!!

The fountainhead
and Atlas Shrugged

written by her very hand

words of gold and silver

dropping from the heavens

and overflowing with logic

Overflowing like a flood of water

on the Earth

and everyone

tries to run from it.

It is truthful

and like a roaring lion

scaring people

Allisa or alice Rosenbaum

a great

script writer,


abstract philosopher

more than

changed the world.

This large

and old world

change by pure

new substances

fresh and bright.

Shining light

bright ideas

flowing out to us.

Face it


embrace it.

A glorious

and successful image

the giver of life

the giver of hope

Nothing, but good

nothing, but great

Oh the supreme




Ayn Rand.