RKN, Greatness Is Pride, Pride Is Love, Love Is Happiness

Author's note This is basically an Acrostic poem using my first and middle name.

R rightest and libertarian

A A person who strongly believes in one's own set of values, and thoroughly enjoys to be a unique person.

C Calm, philosophical, and ready to solve problems, which means I do not panic much.

H Having a sense of formality and dignity.

E Excellent with observing others and is able to lecture on the behaviors of many.

L Logical and thought is the way I get things done.

K Keen on knowing everything and is inquisitive about everything around me.

A Actively imaginative, and I could imagine most individual's reaction to things, and so that is why I am a strong writer in essence.

W Wise, and some would say that I am wise beyond my years, because a great many people thing I am in my twenties, which is obviously not true.

I Individualist, objectivist, and realist is my philosophical values.

N Not quite so common

G Great work ethics, because I am a determined, hardworking, calm, prepared, intelligent, and philosophical individual who definitely works objectively.