I see you now,
I saw you yesterday,
and you're as beautiful as always.
I felt your caress
and it melts my heart
to know you're still with me—
Your deadly touch,
the one
that saps
my energy
and leaves me feeling empty
just a shell
with no one
but you
to talk

Oh, god!!
The sweet ecstasy,
I can't help but lose myself to you
I feel you inside me now
s k i t t e r i n g u n d e r m y s k i n—
just fucking take me now,
I am waiting,
I am so ready—
Make love to me
and again
and again
and forever
your bittersweet taste
your icy touch
so hot it burns my skin, my heart,
melts my insides,
oh! OH!!!!!!!


oh, god…

…what have I done?