The Beginning

Seras Flynn was a typical university student, who went to a typical university and attended typical university courses. But that was where the relation between typical and Seras Flynn ended. She was a rather peculiar young woman actually.

Aaron Oakley was actually quite typical for someone in his position. He was bound to a wheelchair, having suffered from some muscle disease as a child which left his legs quite weak. He was a tad resentful and hated having people look down on him or take pity on his plight. This was all quite typical.

The fact that he was attending a rather low-key university while living out of his mother's grand old house and trying to become a writer...wasn't. He was also a fan of Boris Karloff films and played an acoustic guitar in his spare time.

Seras Flynn and Aaron Oakley had next to nothing in common, save for the fact that they both had American Literature together, which they both despised. And they never would have met had it not been for the fact that Aaron had a secret love for making athletes mad enough to blow steam out of their ears.

It actually happened one sunny afternoon in October after class had ended and Aaron was wheeling himself out of the building. He was minding his own business and moving at his own pace when he happened to overhear a couple of said athlete types make a comment about how slow he was moving.

"Can't you wheel that thing any faster?" the guy said from behind him. A slow smirk crept over Aaron's face and he pulled his chair to an abrupt stop.

The poor athlete type had no choice to pull up short as well and he did so with a loud curse. "Jesus Christ, what the fuck are you stopping for?"

Aaron looked over his shoulder coolly. "Sorry, but it doesn't go any faster than this." And there he sat. Well, Monsieur Athlete was becoming a bit annoyed and so he decided he'd give the wheelchair a nice shove forward. Poor Aaron really wasn't expecting it and his hands slipped from the wheels as he careened forward....

and right into Seras Flynn.

She'd been ahead of all this commotion and had just turned back because she forgot her favorite pen lying on the desk back inside the classroom. And thankfully, she had rather fast reflexes. Her hands shot out and she grabbed the chair by the arm rests and jerked it to a stop.

Aaron flew forward in his seat and in doing so came close enough to nearly count every eyelash on Seras' brown eyes. He sat back quickly and glanced behind him when he heard the chuckles coming from the group who'd shoved him.

This sort of situation was typical for Aaron, sadly. But what happened next...wasn't.

"You idiots have no fucking shame," Seras seethed at them. "If you did, you wouldn't be making complete asses of yourself out here. How about I come over there and give you a nice shove. How would you like to get shoved around by a little girl, eh?"

The group shut up pretty fast after that and they slunk away looking rather pathetic. Seras let a triumphant grin light up her face and she turned back to look at her rescue success. Aaron had been glaring daggers into the back of her head and his expression didn't change when she turned to face him.

"That was unnecessary," he spit at her. "I didn't need your help."

"I know," she replied, looking up into a particular window of the building. "I just hate crude behavior like that. I would never pass up an opportunity to tell someone off who deserves it."

Aaron scoffed. "I wish people would realize that just because I can't walk it doesn't mean I'm helpless."

"I never thought you were," Seras said truthfully, looking him in the eye this time. It made him a bit uncomfortable. "I don't care if you're in a wheelchair. Hell, I don't care if you're blind, deaf, or... yeah. It doesn't mean shit to me."

Seras had a blunt and familiar way of speaking. She didn't alter her speech to sound proper or friendly unless she wanted to. And Aaron found himself somewhat comforted by her constant cursing. It was very different from what he was used to hearing at home.

"Oh." It was all he could say really.

The girl, who had layered auburn hair and piercing dark eyes, was already walking away from him. She still needed to retrieve that pencil of hers.

"I'm Aaron," he called after her.

She turned, flashing him a smirk. "I'm Seras. Pleasure to meet you."

And though neither of them knew it at the time, this moment would change their lives forever.