Are You There?

Are you there?

No. I'm not.

I really really am not.

I thought I was,

but when I looked,

I realised that I wasn't.

When did it happen?

When did I leave?

So unexpectedly, so unintentionally

just slipped away from view.

Why didn't I tell myself that I was going?

Why didn't I give myself any notice?

Oh dear, I find

I cannot be found

as I run round the corridors in my mind.

You were looking for me, and

now I'm searching for me

and I find that I am not here.

Maybe come back another day?

Maybe then I would have found myself?

Maybe I would have returned.

For now, I'm sorry, you'll have to be content

with whatever is left of this empty space

that I left behind in my absence.