i married the friend.
yes, i did.
i bound myself to him,
he was there
when my imagination wasn't good enough.

i married the friend,
the not so exciting one.
the one who could make me smile,
the one who made me.. just happy.
the one i knew i'd always love.

maybe you would say i played it safe.
maybe i would agree.

maybe he wasn't like a drug to me,
maybe i didn't feel addicted,
i just felt.. whole.

and no, there wasn't that part of me,
for a hot, lustful love, lover.
it's not that i knew he would never come.
but that,
i didn't need that to complete myself.
i didn't danger, excitement to feel of worth.
i just needed him.
yes, the one i honestly,


the one who believed in me, and i knew it.
the one i believed in, and he knew it.

i had dreamed of the dangerous one.
but i'm not afraid to say that i am insecure.
and i realized,

i didn't need more doubt.

and i realized,

the one i had imagined would never be good enough.

so i went with him.

my friend. with comfy. with secure. with contented.

so i married the friend.
(and yes, i do still love him.)