I said I'm sorry
But what I meant
Is I want to see you for the next thousand Julys
I want to show someone I'm worth chancing
That if they jump I'll be here to catch them
I want to be everything, and nothing, to them
When I think of this person, I'm not sure who I think of
It's not necessarily you, but I wouldn't mind if it was
You see I don't know where I am
And I'm not at all sure where it is I'm going
But I refuse to keep going on alone
So if God is holding my right hand, will you hold my left?
We could be happy, and we could be free
Circles, millions, upon my legs
Little bubbles puckering up around targets
Bull's eyes for where you should hit
Take out my shins, my love
For I will stoop no lower than dirt
But rise no higher than weeds
And I am sorry
However, that doesn't change your mind
I am still just standing here
Waiting for you to show me that you are who I am waiting for